How to create views based on customer email?

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  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator

    Hi Niklas D,

    In my experience implementing a similar segmentation job, the best approach would be to integrate your ERP with Zendesk and map the customer segment to an organization custom field. If an integration is not possible (not readily available or too costly to develop), you would need to bulk update your users/organizations using CSV or API, and manually mirror the segment in Zendesk for all your future resellers.

    Once you have the data living in Zendesk via automated or manual sync, creating a view, and prioritizing though triggers will be straightforward.

    Check out the Zendesk Marketplace for apps that may be able to integrate your ERP with Zendesk. Alternatively, check out Zendesk Professional Services or Zendesk Partners Marketplace for a directory of accredited solution providers to help you develop an integration, including my affiliates.


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