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  • Carmelo Rigatuso
    Do you use triggers or automations more? Why? 
    • Triggers way more. There are only a set number of time-based events that I need to take care of. most of the time, I need to apply actions to real-time events.
    How often do you make changes to your triggers? 
    • Almost daily, if not daily. This is in part to expanding scope of some teams so we need to tweak and improve as we go. Sometimes it's edits for other reason (new branding, new text in notifications, new integrations with internal tools, etc.)


    • Consistency! Creating/updating a macro, trigger, view, or automation is not the same set of clicks for each. Same for grouping and reordering.
    • Sometimes I'm working on a rather lengthy trigger, either because of the conditions, or the content of a notification - especially when working out a JSON payload or liquid markup text. I need to be able to save and continue, without being booted back out to the menu and having to search for my trigger again. (This is especially annoying for macros and views).


    • We need more flexibility in the conditions. If/then, and case switches would be great.
    • We need comparison options on numeric and decimal fields (<, >, =, >=, <=) so we can route, notify, assign, whatever based on those values.
    • Automation actions and conditions - they all start with "ticket: xxxxxx", so I can't find anything by starting to type "group"  or the label of a custom field, like I can for triggers. That means I have to squint and scroll and scroll and scroll to find the condition or action I'm looking for, especially if I need it for a custom field. 


    • I need to know which tickets a trigger ran on. The count of runs in the last 7/30 days is great, can't that link to a list of those tickets?
    • Better troubleshooting for triggers and automations. Would be great if we could step through conditions, highlight a match to a condition for a ticket, or use a real ticket to test against a trigger/automation (without actually running on it). It's not always easy to figure out why a trigger/automation ran/didn't run when I was expecting it to/not to.


    • The byte limit of 8192 in a notification content. We use a third party survey tool and we embed a code in our email notifications for surveys. I'm limited in what I can do because of the byte limit. For example, if I wanted to use liquid markup to send one type of survey in one scenario and an other for a different scenario, I can't because embedding code for two surveys busts the limit. There are other (but similar) use cases where I've hit the byte limit.
  • Dan R.
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    +100 on Carmelo's comment about being able to see what tickets a trigger or automation ran on. Having the count displayed in the trigger list link out to a (filterable) list of affected tickets would be incredible.

    Carmelo Rigatuso I ran into that 8192 byte limit in the past, you can work around it by having your HTML/Liquid content that exceeds 8192 bytes stored in Dynamic Content blocks. The trigger then calls the Dynamic Content block instead, whose placeholder is well under the limit.

    You can also nest dynamic content instead other dynamic content, but the UI for organizing and sorting is pretty bad, so it's not recommended for sanity-preserving reasons.

  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    Dan R. Bold of you to assume I have any sanity left to preserve ;) Thanks for the tip on the byte limit workaround, I'll check it out.

  • Rolf Hayes

    Triggers and automations need some development on date field and custom date field functions.  

    There are some basic functions such as "is within the next" or "is within the previous" but it is greatly missing the reverse of these which would be "is not within the next" and "is not within the previous".

    Please add these functions.

  • Lauren Fosgett

    Carmelo Rigatuso agreed on needing a list of tickets that triggers/automations ran on. The workaround we use is to have the trigger or automation add a tag to the ticket, prefixed with trigger_ or automation_ respectively, and then you can run searches on the tags. This is also how we apply and search on macros. It's not ideal since this should be a native feature, but it's the best we've been able to do so far.


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