Populating Problem Ticket Subject in Explore

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  • Anselm Engle

    This would be HUGE. Right now, we're doing a scheduled export to a Google sheet, then doing spreadsheet magic to get the data that way, and then inserting that into a document to create our dashboard. It's cumbersome, and it would be fantastic to be able to do all this in Zendesk, instead of elsewhere.

  • Mila Suthakar

    I have no idea why this isn't already a thing - I've been trying to pull Subject in, and it's terrifyingly difficult!  To have to export and vlookup is not actually helpful.

  • Frank Ferris

    100% agree this should be available in ZD reporting

    A good alternative solution is to export the data into a spreadsheet where you can take advantage of easy formulas and flexible reporting to build out this view. Coefficient (disclaimer I work here) offers automatic data imports and refreshes from ZD into Google Sheets. 


  • Irina Gorelik

    I was taken completely by surprise that this wasn't already supported. It seems so obvious that the problem ticket subject would be the descriptor of what the incident is about.


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