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  • Usman Saeed

    Hi Angelica 

    you can see the total number of pages on the top and also you can see the which page you are on.

  • Angelica Landinez

    Yep!! But the previous view was simple; having the next, previous button does not seem to as efficient for my work rhythm (I got similar feedback from other folks from my team).

  • Angelica Landinez

    ex. If I want to move from page 1 directly to 4, I'll need to scroll down+use the "next" button 3 more times. I have to do some reports in the morning, and look for breached tickets, was easier for me to skip some pages and go directly from pages 1 to 5 for example. Again, having the numbers of pages instead of next, previous etc...seems to be more efficient (in my case). 

  • Florian Seher

    I can only agree with most of the points. Our agents also need to pick tickets from specific pages from time to time or navigate through the views pages without using the play mode. Picking the page number would make it way easier.

    An optional solution might work wonderful in my eyes. Maybe even an individual solution, so that you can set it for each view individually in the admin center, if you want to navigate by page numbers or with first/previous/next/last.

  • Movell Sarran

    Please bring back the numbers. We have multiple views, with 100s of tickets, where skipping to Page X was much more valuable than clicking Next many times.

  • Lisa Setford

    Totally agree, this change has made it harder for agents and admins to search for tickets. Where we used to jump to a particular page we now need to scroll through one by one. 
    Please change it back to display page numbers.

  • Maurice P.

    Being unable to quickly get to a page when needing to rather than next, next, next is entirely disruptive and slowing us down here --please consider re-evaluating the design. Thank you! 

  • [VI] Julia Laars

    Agree, please bring back the numbers!

    With the numbers it was more easier to navigate through a view.

    AND please inform us beforehand when something change for the daily agent work!!! We need to prepare the agents for this kind of changes.

  • [VI] Sascha Hinkel

    I am hopping on this bandwagon.

    Personally, I believe this is a step backward in terms of usability. With the previous setup, it was easier to keep track of how many tickets were left and how many pages we had to go through.

    Now, in order to see how many pages we have left, we have to scroll all the way up to the top of the view. This is an extra step that takes up unnecessary time and effort.

    I would like to request that the team reconsider this update and bring back the numbers indicating the number of pages in the Tickets view. This will greatly improve the user experience and make it easier for us to manage and prioritize our work.

  • Jerik

    Joining this as well. Completely ruined our support flow. Can we get the option to turn them back on or at least a reason for why they were removed. This is a total pain. 

  • Rex Cannizzaro

    What was the point of this?? Removing clickable page numbers did nothing for page layout. 

    This slows down our flow when we have different agents working on front, middle, and back of the queue.


    Additionally, there was no notification of the change coming. We were working and mid-day the page numbers just disappeared for newly opened tabs while existing tabs kept them!

  • Ken Taylor

    Yes, this is absolutely mad.  I hate to be excessively harsh, but I really feel like we'd be better off if you just sacked all the ZD devs.  For at least the last year, every single change made has been negative, making our process flow worse - we'd be better off if no "new development" had been done at all.  Meanwhile, not a single urgently needed actual new feature has gotten any attention at all - all the effort has been spent in removing useful, necessary features and making our lives worse.

  • Jill Bragg
    Zendesk Luminary

    Agreed. Please revert this change. Being able to skip to certain pages was a lot quicker/easier for agents as opposed to clicking "next" a bunch of times to get to the page they need to see.

  • Carlos Guzman

    Bring the page numbers back!  When working hundreds of tickets having the page number feature makes it much easier to jump from page to page.

  • Brieuc

    Agree with everyone, the UX was already really bad, they made it even worse!
    Please add a simple page selector between the "Previous" and "Next" buttons, it's so easy and intuitive!!

  • Grant Schuemann

    Strong agree with the comments above as well.  We use views for a lot of audit purposes and this update has made it even more time consuming to navigate through the views.  In addition, when performing a bulk update from within a view, as soon as you perform the action, such as deleting 10 tickets lets say across multiple pages, as soon as the bulk update is complete it takes you back to the 1st page.  So if you need to get back to page 11, you have to click 'next' 10 times again to get back there.  Please revert this frustrating change back to how it was or at least help us understand why functionality was removed.

  • Damir Lukic

    Just noticed that when I do a search where I get several pages of results - guess what. Pages are unumerated! :)


    @Zendesk Product Team, just cut this nonsense and get back page numbers at the bottom. As you can see, there is a bunch of paying customers who need this. Nobody needs that cassette tape thing with prev/rev/ffd/etc...

  • Tommy

    Terrible terrible update

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to share a link to our most recent update around these changes from Salvador here: Announcing changes to views pagination and sorting user profile pages
    Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us!


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