Please STOP making unnecessary changes to UI

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  • Anna Valdez

    I totally agree with Damir!

  • Jeanne M Cautrell

    Agreed. I really miss the page numbers. With 20-30 pages the click next through to find tickets, it's very difficult to find tickets at times. 

  • Ziah Goodrow

    +1. What possible reason could exist for removing such a simple feature? First the preview button and now this, it's like Zendesk is determined to make our jobs harder.

  • Eckhard Doll

    Sometimes, I wonder whether Zendesk support agents are happy with all the changes? Perhaps they don't have to use Zendesk themselves? ;-)

    Have there been any usability tests at all?

  • Cody McLeach


    This change is extremely poor.

    Please revert this change as this adds time to searching tickets.

  • Marci Abraham

    Totally agree. My beef right now is the change to ticket subjects in the tabs instead of requesters' names. I know that a lot of people asked to have subjects on the tabs, but I've been looking at names for years, and all of a sudden it changed. I used to know my customers by name, and now I am just seeing words that don't connect me with the people. We have forms that intentionally use the same subject if I have more than one of those open, I have no idea which tab is which.

    I understand that some people want things one way, and some people want it another way. Everyone is different and different business models have different needs. But to just make arbitrary changes without considering the use case of all the people who like it the way it is...that's just not right. 

    Things that change the workflow should be OPTIONAL. There should be settings so we can choose how to display our own UI. 

    This is so frustrating.

    And an extra thumbs up on two points Damir made:

    - Are support agents really doing that much support on phones? I think a lot of us use big computer screens. Support should not be optimized for small screens....but if it must be, then give us OPTIONS.

    - Please focus on performance! I am often frustrated by updating a ticket, then seeing a message that it didn't update because a change was being made. When editing a user's account, I have to wait several seconds after each change. The system should work faster than I can type, not slower.

  • Damir Lukic

    Just noticed that when I do a search where I get several pages of results - guess what. Pages are unumerated! :)


    @Zendesk Product Team, just cut this nonsense and get back page numbers at the bottom. As you can see, there is a bunch of paying customers who need this. Nobody needs that cassette tape thing with prev/rev/ffd/etc...

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey everyone,
    Appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and apologies for any frustration this has caused on your end. Regarding the changes to page numbers in views, please check out Salvadors recent comment here: Announcing changes to views pagination and sorting user profile pages
    We will continue to monitor that article for any additional feedback you share with us around the recent view changes. 
  • Ziah Goodrow

    Brett Bowser During my brief read-through of that article, I've seen nothing but negative feedback surrounding this change from when it was first announced nearly a year ago through today. What is the point of "monitoring that article for any additional feedback" when (almost) a year's worth of feedback has already been seemingly ignored in its entirety? I mean, this comment alone pretty much sums things up...

  • Damir Lukic

    This is not about the page numbers anymore. This is about degrading product's functionality! STOP reinventing the wheel, absolutely no customers asked you to do what you have done. In the future, give us a poll so we can vote what we would like to see and what we wouldn't. Stop inventing jobs for yourselves and start caring about customers!


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