How to add a link/button to an automated response that populates a field in the ticket?


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  • Dan R.
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    Hey Alex C


    You can use Dynamic Content to create your own placeholders. they'll look something like {{dc.placeholdername}}

    Dynamic Content supports multiple languages, as well as HTML, so you can create buttons or links that will go into your comments/emails. Here's an example for a quick test:


    Using that, you can create workflow rules or automations that will send automated emails to users with elements you design.  

    For the workflow you described, perhaps you can create a custom field editable to end users that you can instruct them on how to adjust via that email (and a link that takes them to their Tickets page in Guide). If they adjust the field, you can have additional workflows kick off, or just move the ticket into a new view. 

    Hope that helps answer your question!

  • Alex C

    Oh nice! I didn't think to use Dynamic Content like that. Fantastic. Thank you Dan R.!


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