Talk - Agent in Group Doesn't work on Talk tickets


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  • Permanently deleted user

    I've actually had a similar need recently for 2 different Talk Groups.

    My suggested workaround is to add a routing-specific Group for Talk:

    1. Creating a new group, "Group 3 - Talk"
    2. Assigning all the agents that should receive those calls from Group 3 to the newly created group. 
    3. Creating a trigger that upon Ticket Creation on Group 3 - Talk assigns the ticket to Group 3
    4. Changing the Line/IVR routing from "Group 3" to "Group 3 - Talk"

    This way, all the Group 3 agents will see the tickets as they were, though without Group 3 - Talk calls ringing to this Talk agent.

    As they're still be in Group 3, o additional changes should be required for Views, Skills, Macros, or respective Reporting (unless you're using the IVR Action Target metric in Explore, for which you'd need to adjust the group query)


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