Organizing triggers within categories - BULK ACTIONS NEEDED

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    Nina Olding

    Thanks for the feedback! I fully understand the pain points and concerns raised here. We're working on a solution and hope to have an easier way to interact with categories/triggers in bulk to share soon. Thanks again.

  • DJ Yoder

    Yes!  You severely limit new feature adoption when you don't consider the level of effort for existing users to implement that feature.  In this case, having to manually update 1000+ triggers isn't feasible.  We can bulk deactivate, why can't we bulk "update category"?  Seems like a fairly straight-forward addition to the development cycle before rolling the feature out.  

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Not to mention you cannot pick the position like you used to (move to top of the list, bottom or pick position)

  • Eckhard Doll

    Oh, yes, please! We only have around 300 triggers, but there is no way to select all triggers that are supposed to go into one category in one go and chose the category. Edit each trigger individually? No, thanks. Drag and drop? I don't think so. You already have multi-select to deactivate triggers. What made you think that bulk editing isn't useful for organizing triggers and categories?
    Sorry, but it is unusable as it is.

  • Bruno Cruz

    Hey team,

    +1, I don't understand why this feature was launched without the possibility of bulk-editing triggers. When can we expect this? Until then, I don't think it's feasible for us to get the most out of this feature. I don't think it makes sense to edit, by hand, every trigger.

    Also, why can't we delete a category?


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