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  • Thomas Wang

    Hi, Jonathan 

    How to make the Internal Note as the default setup for all the comments ?

  • Eckhard Doll

    Sorry for ruining this feature request but as a user myself, I can say that this is not an issue in our team and I would not want another step to confirm submitting a ticket. However, I could imagine this being a preference or role based (training etc.).
    Also, don't forget that you can make public comments internal if you realize your mistake right away. 

  • Thomas Wang

    But when customer cc'ed in the ticket see that comment in the Public Reply it is too late. I'm looking for a way to remind agents checking what they put into Public Reply before submitting the ticket. 

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Hi Thomas, this has been a long-term request, which has not made much headway. (Search for zendesk submit ticket confirm). One option seems to be the Cancel Ticket Submit app

    The Time Tracking app also pops up a dialog to confirm the time spent on a ticket. It partially hides the ticket, but you can still see it (and certainly see the color: Private or Public) so it does give 15 seconds where the agent can think about what they just did, and it only finishes the submission if the agent hits OK.

    Finally, we have always made Private / Internal the default for all comments, so the agent must explicitly switch to Public if they want the reply to go to the customer.

  • Tuvshintugs Enkhtur



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