Ability to report on average time articles spend unverified/awaiting review

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  • Orsolya Forster
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for you feedback Zach Brown,

    I agree that the performance of your publishing team in a timely manner is a key KPI. I'm capturing your feature request so we can eventually include this capability in the Team publishing reporting. 

    Let me ask a clarifying question; since there are many statuses in Guide publishing, I would like to understand which state is the most important for you to track, i.e. in progress/ awaiting review/ ready to publish? Can you specify what is your main KPI?

    Kind regards!

  • Zach Brown

    Hi Orsolya,

    Thanks for capturing this request. I would say "awaiting review" would be the most important state for me to track. The amount of time articles spend "in progress" can vary widely depending on the subject matter of the article. Similarly, the amount of time this spend as "ready to publish" can also vary depending on whether the content pertains to features/functions that have yet to be released. Both of these variables are largely outside of the control of a content production/management team and may not be the best indicators of the team's performance.

    "Awaiting review" on the other hands is a state that content managers can directly impact because it is attests to the speed/volume of their content review efforts.

    Being able to report on the average amount of time articles spend unverified would also be helpful. I would take that as a reflection of the holistic accuracy of the content of our Help Center at any given time.

  • Gareth

    I also support Zach's comments and request, it would be very useful to Nando's!


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