Feature Request: Additional Contextual Workspace options

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  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Hi Sydney, thanks for posting this feedback! I'm not in a position to speak to all of the issues you raised, but I'd like to understand more about the macro search issue you raised:
    • Can you talk about how complex your support organization is?
    • How many contextual workspaces do you have?
    • Roughly how many macros do you have assigned to your contextual workspaces (a range or average would be helpful to know)?
    Improvements to this area aren't on our roadmap at present, we're always looking to learn more about the challenges you're facing so we can steer our development efforts into the most impactful directions. Thanks again for sharing!
  • Sydney Neubauer

    We have 50+ groups and Brands and each with 100+ macros.

    We have just started using Contextual workspaces so currently 3.

    At first we were using all macros for each group (100 macros for each workspace) but it made it too hard to sift through manually. When you search it shows all macros for every group you have access to. And most of our Agents are cross-trained so they can have access to 300 macros at a time.

  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 to this feedback, especially when it comes to being able to define a Contextual Workspace on custom field selections (not just Group and Form).

    We use a single form for Customer Support; the customer selects a topic for their request (using a custom dropdown; this is the subcategory aka "Topic" of the ticket).

    We need to show agents certain apps, macros, etc. depending on this (custom field) Topic. For example, if the request is related to filing a warranty claim, the agent needs different tools vs if they need to manage a mailing list or answer product questions.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 and I would like to add the post:

    1. There is currently no restriction on who can edit what in the workspace. For example, an Admin creates a workspace, but anyone with access to edit can also edit this workspace. We should be able to set who can edit all workspaces vrs just ones they make or restrict by group

    2. We should be able to restrict the options currently offered in the workspace. For example, there is an option for a workspace to be made that will change the form. We have triggers in place that already adjust forms so we do not want any workspaces being made that will change the form outside of the trigger

    3. We want to ensure that workspaces and workspace changes are in the audit log. If we can't restrict who makes changes to other workspaces, we better be able to tell who made the change and what the previous settings were

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    Another addition to this post:

    4. Teams should not be able to CREATE workspaces for Groups they are not part of. For example, a Team Lead should not be able to create a Workspace for HR if they are not part of it. Imagine HR going to work on a ticket but everything is loading wrong and they don't have permissions to edit Contextual Workspaces

    5. When you have the SC to the context panel, the layout (outside layout builder) is saved for every ticket which is an issue for agents. You can edit in the layout builder but then it limits what layouts you can have if you don't want the SC to load on every ticket going forward


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