Use of hashtags in emails

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing that feedback, Manuel.

  • John Polanek

    We also use hashtags for our order numbers and whenever we use this or a customer replies with the hashtag order number, it adds a ZD ticket link that does not exist. It would be awesome to be able to control this somewhere. 

  • Jorn

    We've got exactly the same issue, we and our customers use a hashtag in combination with the order number. So it automatically creates not exiscting ticket hyperlinks.
    Think this is kinda strange behaviour, because there are better ways to create a hyperlink.

  • Orin

    I would like to disable this feature also as it only creates unnecessary clicks..  Let hashtags live in the social media world and not my work environment.  

  • Cheyenne Trommels - Oorebeek

    Yes please, this is so annoying! I need to be able to turn it off.

  • Jimmy

    We would also like an option to turn this off as we only use email as a way to interact with our team.

    Thank you!

  • Андрей Семенцов

    Have same issue.
    Want to get #{{}} as a plain-text (not as url), and have no solution.

  • Brian Rosenkrantz


    I have an issue where the automated link created by #xxxxx uses the wrong brand url, so I would very much also like to be able to disable it!

  • Alan

    +1 - we have customer identifiers that sometimes match this format, resulting in us sending them a bogus ticket link. It'd be nice to have a way to toggle this off, make sure it doesn't apply in a specific reply, and/or be able to customize the regex that identifies when to use it.

  • Lexi Brunk

    Requesting the ability to disable auto-linking after # as the links are pointless to our clients.

  • Paul Riscalla

    Also requesting this! Please give us this option, this makes no sense that we cannot use the # sign anywhere in our tickets without creating a bad link to customers to a ticket that might not exist or be for them. This feature makes no sense to be non-configurable


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