When raising a child ticket auto-populate the same requester as the parent ticket

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  • Fabio

    Hi @...,

    I asked this as well in my comments under the announcement as well. 


  • Shona

    Fabio This link does not seem to be working.

    I would really like how to do this

  • Chris Haller

    This would be a helpful feature 

  • Shona

    Agree more Macro functionality for Side Conversations would be great.

    At the moment our Side Conversation Macros are always a two-part process.  First macro creates the Side Conversation.  Then the second macro (which need to be applied to the Side Conversation ticket) fills in all the fields.

    70% of the time the Agents forget to apply the second macro to the Side Conversation ticket and instead apply it to the Parent Ticket.  Which in turn messes up our processes and the tickets.


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