Tip: How to Export incident tickets linked to Problem ticket as CSV/Excel

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  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for posting this tip, @...!

  • Daniela Archibong

    Thanks for providing this example. I wish there were an 'export' button in the product. The link is very helpful.

    Instead of uploading potentially confidential customer data into the json-csv.com website, you can open it in a code editor.
    For example, after downloading the .json from the browser, open the .json in VS Code.
    Select all text then click 'View' > to choose 'Word Wrap'.
    Then, select all text, and use shortcut to format in easy-to-read view. 
    Shift + Alt + F - Windows
    Shift + Option + F - Mac
    Ctrl+Shift+I - Linux

  • elle tucker

    Similar to how we can export all the tickets in a view, I would love to have that feature built in to the product for linked tickets to a problem ticket. This would allow us to export all tickets that are linked to a problem ticket. This seems like a rather useful and intuitive functionality to have especially since problem tickets are usually issues that need to be investigated and it's helpful to be able to have an excel/CSV of all tickets with the issue.

  • Marjana Cowan

    This is great, although it does not provide actual requester and organization names and instead gives the IDs, which aren't as useful to the average user. It would be awesome if you could create a view for these instead. 


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