Ability to receive calls through the Zendesk app


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    Widson Reis
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Catherine Bostwick

    We understand that you are unable to transfer Talk calls to your mobile device, and we apologize for any frustration this may have caused. In most cases, you can forward calls to your mobile device without needing to be logged and active in the web browser; you just need to set your Talk status as "online" in the Support mobile app. However, if you have omnichannel routing enabled — which must be your case — this is indeed not possible yet. We're aware of this limitation and our mobile team is working to address it. We appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to the team. They will respond to you as soon as possible.


  • Joshua Selser

    Upvote from me on this.  Having a "forwarded number" is handy, but only meets a percentage of the mobile workforce, and discounts entirely those that need to be able to handle customers while away from a full-featured web browser.  

  • AgriVision Equipment Group

    Upvote as well. This would be very helpful!

  • AgriVision Equipment Group

    Any feedback on this Zendesk?

  • Jennifer Elkhouri

    This would be extremely helpful for us. We are a hair salon and are using ZenDesk through our computers at the front desk for Talk. We would love for this to work via their phone app.

  • David

    How do you Sell a CRM system with a mobile app and NOT have the ability to answer calls?!

  • Robert Delbueno

    Agree 100% please add ability to actually use the phone capabilities on the mobile app. Seems like a no brainer. After migrating from RingCentral I am lost without mobile calling.

  • Upvote from me on this.

  • Will Poon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi folks, 

    Many thanks for your feedback on this topic. I'll add your feedback to our internal systems related to this item so that we can prfioritize it against other features for the mobile apps. 

    We have better talk capabilities in the mobile app on our backlog and when we get to a position of adding this capability, I'll update here. 



  • Renee

    Upvote from me as well. This would be huge for our company too


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