Forced to send automatic emails? This really should be fixed....

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  • GDK

    We really need this as well.
    We are intending to use JWT SSO, and do not want any pre-populated users to be sent welcome e-mails. please help.

  • Lianne Geerlings

    I totally agree on this. It is ridiculous that this functionality cannot be controlled by the admins.

    Especially having multiple brand is causing even more frustrations. Currently if someone contacts us about brand A, a welcome message is send from the brand B support email.

    Customers are getting confused about this.

    We have a Help Center for ( Brand L ) Advisors, but we are sometimes in contact with their Clients as well.

    That Help Center contains info for the Advisors only, Clients have nothing to do with that at all.
    But they also receive the welcome email, for something they do not even have access to. 

    The same for users of the other brand T, they have nothing to do at all with the Help Center of the
    brand L.  This should be something fully controllable by and admin.

  • John Evans

    We had to move our public-facing support to FreshService. They don't have forced emails that can't be turned off. It has been a much better solution since this hasn't been addressed since 2019.


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