Can we copy and paste an article template into an article?

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  • Jonathan Chellis

    I do not work for Zendesk but our org worked around this by keeping a link ready to a new article with the template_id option appended on the URL. This is actually how the KC app functions in the background, but you shouldn't need to have the KCTemplate label on your source article to make it work. You'll need the 12 digit article ID # from your source article to feed into the URL (You can find this in the URL while viewing the source article itself). Then plug that number into the new article URL and it will pre-fill your article for you.

    As an example, if your source article ID # is 123456789012, this would be your "template" URL (assuming you're working in en-us):

  • Mary Paez

    The problem with this is you cannot tell it is a copy of the original.  So, it looks like you are overwriting the original.


    Having a copy option would be so much better for people/admins.  But, thank you for this 

    I also wish that when the KC App created an article from a template, it would add "COPY OF...<template title> " into the title.


  • Juliane Gangl

    I have the same issue.


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