Allow Light Agents to Submit CSAT Surveys

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  • Ben Wilcox
    Zendesk Luminary

    It could be there is another duplicate feature request for this which is why there are no comments on this feature request yet, but if there's not, I'm happy to offer some to get the ball rolling!  I'll give some background for my use case first and then more detail about the request commentary.

    At my company, we do not have what most consider 'customers' who use Zendesk.  Everyone that uses the system is internal, so there's not really an 'us' and 'them' aspect of user base.  We use Zendesk in IT for our Support ticketing.  We also use Zendesk for our Accounts Payable department and I have a custom environment set up in Zendesk with custom forms and triggers and email channels to handle that flow.  I have a group that handles reporting on cash deposits from our stores.  We also have a new release for our POS group that's about to go out where our marketing and learning/development departments can submit requests for new items and products, menu changes, pricing, etc. through Zendesk and then the IT team that handles fulfilling those works the tickets.

    To make all of this work, we have a number of users who are not considered IT using the system, and they are using the system as Light Agents.  Everyone else in the company is an end user, but there are ~100 Light Agents in the system aside from all the Staff licenses that work primarily in IT.  The function of the light agents is primarily to provide approvals and be allowed (in the POS group for example) to see all the requests that have been made in their sphere for awareness.  Any one of those light agents, their primary use of Zendesk is approvals.  When they have an issue or request they need to make in Zendesk outside of their approval role, it is completely reasonable to expect that they should be offered a Customer Satisfaction response.  But of course, it's not set up that way.  Currently, anyone with what is considered an "agent' license of any kind can NOT do a survey.

    I understand the protection about those who might game the system by creating a ticket, solving it, rating yourself really highly and then skewing the numbers.  What I don't understand is why Zendesk can't have a simple protection in place that allows EVERYONE to submit a CSAT so long as a basic condition is met:   REQUESTER is NOT the RESOLVER.  So long as the Requester and the Resolver are different people, we should be allowed to offer a survey.  Even in IT, we are customers of each other.  I'm a customer of my SOC group.  My SOC group is my customer.  If I give poor service in my Zendesk support, I want that person to be able to give feedback, even though they are an Agent.  I'm supposing this is an arcane part of code that just hasn't been revisited since this went live, but I'm hoping it gets revisited soon.  We're just looking at launching CSAT this next month and I was astonished to have this as the wall to hit first that technically, we can't get an accurate measurement of how our teams do because we're "not allowed to" by the system.

    Please remember, Zendesk, that not all of your customers are set up as the "us and them" model with people external to the company as the customers and that we only want feedback from the "outsiders".  That's not a pure CSAT. It's skewed as it limits, in my case, 100 people who legitimately are putting requests for service and help and will have no voice in how they are being service.

    Hope this can be revisited this year.

  • Joey Tabush

    I too am running into this issue. 

    My Lite Users may have to be bumped down now to end-users (and lose all functionality that was needed as Lite Users), just because they are internal customers of our company, and we would like them using CSAT, which we recently upgraded in order to access.


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