Update Zendesk Ticket Data after Closed

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  • Budke, John

    I don't know if our solution is feasible for you:  Since there is no way to edit a closed ticket, after we mark a ticket solved we leave it in that status for 3 business days (it can be whatever you specify).  We wrote an automation that then closes the ticket after that period of time has expired.  I also created a "force close" field (checkbox) which can be checked to immediately close the ticket.  For our use case I made it a hidden field so I can use it in triggers to bypass the solved wait period - we mainly use this for repetitive requests that we know we'll never revisit (i.e.; acknowledging system alarms).

    The bottom line is we leave tickets in a solved status for a period of time in case we need to make changes or a customer adds a post-solved response, then we automate the final closing after a period of time when we know no more changes are forthcoming.


  • Mindy B

    This would be extremely helpful. Many reports are ran weekly or monthly, and even though our tickets stay as Solved for 3 days before closing, there are often times that we need to update them even later than that, especially since we do not micro-manage our staff. 

    Another reason this is needed is so that when we edit our reporting fields to more accurrately reflect our needs, we could change older tickets to properly reflect the new fields and remove the fields that are no longer valid. Since we can't change data we are forced to leave obsolete fields in the system for reporting purposes which makes it very difficult to keep the system clean. 

  • Jay K

    + 1 for some super Admin level power that allows users with special powers to update closed tickets. 

  • Teri Trewolla

    Still a very helpful feature to have!


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