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    Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello Everyone,

    Happy Friday! I have some updates. We have made the necessary platform and data layer changes needed to support editing closed tickets and can now move to the next phase. We will potentially plan an EAP later in Q3 -2023 with a small number of customers and partners and I would like to invite everyone to share their ideas and feedback, either through research or by participating in the EAP.  This form has more details. https://forms.gle/vJF9QXNMTmvxELjRA
    Thank you for your patience. Please leave your comments in the form or on this thread. My team and I will actively monitor both channels. 

    Kind regards,

    Gaurav Parbat

  • Billie Harland

    This is a serious product gap and undermines what limited value Zendesk has for reporting on ticket trends or historical support engagement (especially using outside systems). I see that post '203421476' has had its comments blocked, is Zendesk product not engaging on this any further?

    I understand that new features close new deals but having a pretty substantial amount of tickets synced to the wrong orgs seriously compromises ticket reporting. Without the ability to fix those as an admin by changing the orgs on the closed tickets, our only options are to ask you (which appears fruitless) or start scoping other tools.

    Using Zendesk as part of a holistic approach to engagement is not optional, please reconsider your stance on this and allow admins to administrate their ticket data (i.e. edit basic fields on closed tickets).

    Edit: for clarity

  • Florian

    I fully agree with Billies post.

    We also need the possibility to edit tickets that are closed.

    Especially changes like changing the organization if it was not assigned correctly.

    Maybe Zendesk could implement it for Enterprise customers only so they might have a $$$$ plus for more people changing to enterprise?!

  • Billie Harland

    The most absurd part is that this has been an issue for 12 YEARS:

    ... with hundreds of responses noting how important it is to be able to edit archived tickets. Despite that, Zendesk seems doggedly determined not to fix this product defect.

  • Wayne Smith

    This is a must


  • Bill Anderson

    Agreed. We have numerous tickets incorrectly marked as Problems which skews historical analytics requiring us to always remember that the data is not accurate.  I fully realize that these should have been properly categorized upon creation, but I just started at this job a few weeks ago.  I didn't have eyes on the ticket creation process until now and have no way to correct the data my superiors are relying on me to provide.  This requires extra effort, explanations, conversations, and asterisks that could be completely avoided if I could only edit this one field on closed tickets.

    Further, it makes no sense that as an admin I can delete these tickets, but I cannot go back and correct them.

  • Hannah Bowers

    Gaurav Parbat

    Is there an ETA on which quarter of 2022 this will be released?

  • Ben Wright

    The lack of ability to do this makes Explore reporting significantly less useful to our organization. Please stress the importance of this feature to the team.

  • Tom Shaddock

    Especially changes like changing the organization if it was not assigned correctly.

    Totally agree here with this point - its a bit of a nightmare you cannot assign an organisation to a user for a ticket that's already been marked closed, there's no ability to clean up any old data if the organisation wasn't assigned to a user at the time of ticket closure. This is resulting in wrong reporting metrics now sadly :(

    If the UI made this clear this is a restriction that would at least be a start - to me it just looked like a bug and took a little while to figure out what was going on here and why the organisations weren't being applied and why stuff was missing in the Explore reports.

  • Eckhard Doll

    Agreed! It's ridiculous that we are not allowed to edit our own content (it's our tickets and our customers after all).

  • Robert De La O

    Agree with all of the above. We really need to be able to edit the organization on a closed ticket. We had tickets that were misassigned and we want to be able to correct this inaccuracy.

  • Josef Prandstetter
    Zendesk Luminary

    We also need this feature urgently for our workflows:
    We are a global software company and the support departments take any requests from customers and partners.
    Bugs are submitted via connector to the purely internal development platform Azure DevOps (ADO) and support staff in return submits the official bug number to the customers/partners and closes the support request at the same time.
    Many bugs that are not highly urgent are normally scheduled by development planning for one of the upcoming releases.
    The release of the version containing a fix for the reported bug can really be sometime in the future (= mostly between 3 to 36 months). Thus the original request (=ticket) in the support platform is already closed.
    By means of a bidirectional connector we still want/need to provide current information (eg. status in the internal development platform) to our customers and partners.

    We would like to communicate the following information primarily via custom fields to the customers:

    • Status of bug in the development platform (= ADO): in development, in production plan, not in production plan, released
    • "Fixed with" version
    •  Availability of the new version containing bugfix
  • Lawrence K

    Gaurav Parbat Pleased to hear this is under consideration, but it feels like an essential action for all Zendesk agents to have access to, especially when reviewing and amending ticket tag data for reporting purposes. Currently we're missing months of crucial reports due to the inability to improve the tags of older tickets.

    Do you have a timeline for when any such changes might be implemented in 2022?

  • Maria Bolmstedt

    As everyone working in Support knows, there's always a need for cleaning up things like categorization etc, for analysis purposes. The fact that we cannot edit (I don't need a re-open) closed tickets has a critical impact on the usability and our ability to get to actionable insights and monitor progress. 

    This should be fixed asap!

  • Ibrahim Aqqad

    at least make this possible Via API. it should be straight forward to implement this via API

  • Svetlozar Draganov

    Like other reporters, I just want to share this is needed for our company as well.

    There are a number of reasons to edit Closed tickets, for example, currently, we are optimizing the Tags and we need to remove some old Tags and replace them with an updated version. This is currently not possible to be done on Closed tickets and basically blocks us to move to the new Tags we want to. If we had an option to edit all Closed tickets this would be great.

  • Inna Grynova

    A must-have feature. 
    There're way too many scenarios when a company needs to update some fields in closed chats in order to have clean data. Not to mention that we need managers to be able to fix mistakes agents were making while handling the chat. 

    We should be able to add internal notes for audit traces (regulatory requirements), update tags, change/add the fields etc.

    It's ok to not allow to reopen the ticket. But all other features should be available.

  • Jared Donnelly

    Any update on this feature? This is almost necessary due to human error etc.

  • Ben Wilcox
    Zendesk Luminary

    Here are just a few use cases and parameters around the desired ability to edit closed tickets hang on for us.

    1) The default group when you add someone in as an Agent is (as they have to be a member of a group) is "Support".  Of course, you can change this group, but the situation is the same whether or not you use "Support".  If you don't keep things clean and you have a dozen or more people who are members of their 'real' groups, and still members of this default "Support" group, you can have the situation where tickets are being assigned or closed in the wrong group, a group which is not monitored or reported on because nothing is expected from it, and reporting will be wrong.  Correcting an assignment group, especially in the case where the set default group is "Support" and it needs to be fixed should be OK to do where you aren't changing the assignee, just the group.

    2) Missing tags.  As acting change manager I realized too recently that a macro I'd created to add tags to our Informational changes to show that they are pre-approved failed to include an important tag... a really obvious tag... one that shows that it's an informational change!  I only discovered it when I decided to report on the presence of the tag and barely found any tickets that matched.  I've since corrected the macro, but would love to go to all the closed changes for which I can validate (and it's easy to do) that they were informational changes and add that tag in so I can accurately provide people with reports on which tags went through CAB and which were informational.

    3) We have a number of instances where certain 'meta data' type custom fields (such as "contact type" that shows whether a ticket was the result of a call, an email, a web page, etc.) are empty and again interfere with accurate reporting.  We can correct some of these going forward with adding the required field parameter to them, but it isn't possible for all cases.  I'd like to be able to correct this data.

    4) Constraint ideas: 

    a. Perhaps things like "Description" and the ticket's comments should never be alterable.  I could live with that.  However, a subject should be editable.  We have macro templates people use to create tickets and sometimes I see things like "....(Place Description Here)" as the subject which shows me someone didn't edit that ticket template before saving it.  I'd love to fix these to be more useful in viewing historical tickets.

    b. Ticket Notifications:   Ticket notifications should not go out when a ticket is corrected on the back end due to a custom field.  The last thing I'd want is to fix a ticket from a year ago and notifications start going out to people as that would cause a bunch of confusion, so any historical ticketing option would need notification suppression.

    c. Key date fields:  I could understand the possibility of needing the ticket's "Updated" record changing to show that there was a modification to the ticket after the fact, but the "Closed" date should not be altered.  That should remain a "historical fact" that can't be changed.  In fact, there should be a way to correct the ticket without it being technically "reopened" to do so, just fixing some field data. 

    Just some thoughts to further fuel this discussion.


  • Rich Shupe

    Please do not compromise this and only support partial edits. All tickets should be editable. 

    Zendesk, where can you direct us to some sort of roadmap, user voting on open issues, etc.? This has been a critical issue for so many customers, for so long and, because this is a requirement for our renewal, it would really help to know what planning we have to do. Thanks.

  • Stephen


    This is increasingly becoming an issue, as we cannot redact data from Closed Tickets - in particular attachments on older tickets.

    I believe that at a minimum the API and Zendesk Admin should be able to modify a Closed ticket. Automations / Triggers should not fire on Closed tickets.

    I would love to see some feedback from Zendesk on why this feature isn't possible.

  • Florian

    @all of those who suffer.
    Please do not forget to give an up to all posts of this feature request.
    I think in that way we can give this request even more weight.

  • Billie Harland

    This has been a product defect in Zendesk for 13 years now:

    ... with hundreds of responses on multiple threads noting how important it is to be able to edit archived tickets. I somehow doubt their competitors (at ServiceNow, Oracle, or SalesForce) have this problem.

    Administrators should be able to edit closed tickets, this is NOT an optional feature for an enterprise company. This product gap makes a mess of our support ticket data and, given their unwillingness to address it, any enterprise company considering Zendesk support should probably explore other options.

  • Claire Flanagan

    I completely agree with Billie Harland above.  

    This is table stakes for any solution - the option to fix and cleanse data is super critical to running a world-class support organization. This is severely impacting our business and customer success teams in accurately understanding, tracking and resolving the health of our accounts.  

    Troubling us right now is the ability to change the "organization" for which a ticket was logged. Can you imagine the embarrassment when Zendesk tickets are integrated with other tools and the WRONG tickets are associated with the WRONG accounts? 


    "I understand that new features close new deals but having a pretty substantial amount of tickets synced to the wrong orgs seriously compromises ticket reporting. Without the ability to fix those as an admin by changing the orgs on the closed tickets, our only options are to ask you (which appears fruitless) or start scoping other tools."

    This feature request was logged in 2019. Zendesk communicated it was on the 2022 roadmap. It's now Dec 2022. 

  • Harper Dane
    Zendesk Luminary

    I also need the ability to edit closed tickets as an admin. I certainly understand Zendesk's stance about closed tickets and data integrity, generally — "just anyone" should not be able to edit Closed tickets. But I just started at my company a few months ago and completely rebuilt all forms, custom fields, etc (previously, the entire instance was running almost exclusively on ticket tags alone). 

    Without the ability to bulk update historical tickets to match the new Form + Field structure, I now have to build two sets of queries every time we need an Explore report, and cover each with disclaimers about which date ranges and filters the report is valid for. It's a daily headache for me and for my entire team.

    Like everyone else here, our company relies on this data to make important business decisions. Our critical need for correcting inaccuracies in historical data is impossible to understate.

  • Justyna Pultowicz

    Also in need of this!

    Case: I am letting the team keep track on what tickets will need a KB article. This is done via a field in the form (Needs KB article, toggle on/off). I can then use this field on making reports for example as well in the Explore dashboard.
    Once tickets are closed, I can not modify this toggle any more to be off once an article has been written.
    Meaning I will need to now manually disable those tickets in my Explore dashboard so they are not shown up as still needing a KB article!

  • Josef Prandstetter
    Zendesk Luminary

    Gaurav Parbat: do you think our use case - see post above - will be covered by your 2022 plan?

  • Cathy Guidi-Scherm

    Our ZD instant is the system of record within our organization. As our business updates and we make changes to categorization, we need to be able to update tickets for historical reporting and support of our business. Also, many of our cases will take over 28 days to resolve and up to months. I really don't want to keep everything in some type of pending status as it will slow down the system but we need a way to edit old cases to re-code based on business changes. This is a critical feature.

  • John DiGregorio

    Billie Harland I have used SalesForce, ServiceNow and countless other systems that allow this abililty.   I am migrating two brands and it looks like one of the brands closed tickets won't get updated

  • Joy Newsome

    Adding support for this. Use case: we have dirty data - organizational changes that dictate some updates to custom fields and having that data deleted or altered is skewing reports (see previous commenters on why it's not an option to simply replace the field); quality reviews are pointless if all of the data aren't correct and there is no way to correct it; your GDPR (this should be reason enough given the weight of the fines involved) redaction method is cumbersome and requires specific roles along with time consuming effort since it can't be done in bulk; all of the other reasons already listed by 13 years worth of users on this topic.


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