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  • Carsten -

    It would definetly be great to add inline images when creating new tickets via the Help Center. We can now use rich content through emails and in the community forum, but not when creating a ticket in the helpcenter?

  • Joel Hellman

    Talking about the end-users submitting tickets through the Help Center in Guide, I totally agree we need support for rich content here (including inline images). 

    The lack of rich content in Help Center forms means that users might resort to sending emails instead of using the forms, even if the Help Center offers a more structure for tracking and creating tickets (=good things that we want :D ).

    Taking an example from Zendesk's own Guides, when I submit support tickets here, I try to be 'good' and use the Submit a request feature, but when I need to attach some images or have a inline table etc, I sometimes send an email instead. The same thing when I respond to comments. 

  • Naama Aharoni

    Today, when our customers submit a ticket through the guide, there is no option to add inline images which can better describe their issue.

    They have to attach their screenshot, one by one, which means that instead of pasting there image to the description field, they have to first save the screenshot and then attach it to the request which is, as you can imagine, a very cumbersome task.

    That is why 85% of our tickets are coming through mail.

    However, that creates a big problem for us as for each ticket that comes through the email, there is a lot of manual work for requesting the needed information which is otherwise set to mandatory in the online form.

    What is the plan to include this. This is really hurting our efficiency.

  • Matt

    When I submit a ticket to some company, and I include inline images (often screenshots, by using the clipboard and Ctrl+V to insert a screenshot), I often end up finding later that the translation into a Zendesk ticket dropped the inline image and turned it into an "attachment" buried as an ugly, hidden text link at the bottom of the page. The ticket doesn't even indicate that an image was pasted in the place I put it. If I can do so, here's an example:



    Zendesk is so behind the times, in attachments and now with inline images. I don't even care about "rich content" in email. Just include the images where they were placed by the customers. Otherwise, your system is stripping information that the customer provided, making tickets more confusing to look at.

  • Don McCall

    I agree with this thread.  We do not allow users to submit tickets via Email in order to ensure some structure, but the inability to add screenshots and images by pasting into the ticket creation or when adding content to the conversation in "My Activities" is a major pain point.  Forces users to save image as a file and then attach which is a big experience pain point.  

    Please address this.

  • Jacob Mattison

    We would love to see this. Like others above, we don't allow creation of tickets via email, and since our tickets are asking for help with a software program, pasted screenshots would be extremely helpful.


  • Jaïs Pingouroux

    +1 for this feature

  • Thomas Mattsson

    Did anyone find a solution or workaround for this?

  • Morten Simonsen

    2 years later, and this is still not an option for our end-users - that is a bit disappointing.

  • Dan Edwards

    Please address this. I am getting enough negative feedback from clients using Zendesk that it is going to force me to look at other options.

  • Knut Noeske

    Again months passed with no movement in this request. ZenDesk, please check and plan it in the roadmap. When can we expect this to be solved?

  • Richard Thumwood

    I was pointed in this direction to upvote from Zendesk support yesterday after my trial period finding that this isn't available and posting for help 21 days ago.  As mentioned in our post this is something we would need as we ask users to create inline step to repeat with screenshots if possible.

    This looks like it has had 18 votes and has been outstanding for 4 years so I'm not sure how much more my vote is going to impact this, particularly if I am not a customer!

    This is the workaround I was given if it is of any help to anyone?

    You've noticed that agents can add inline images to ticket comments in the Help Center and end-users are unable to do so through the Submit a request ticket form. At this time, I'm afraid we don't support adding inline images for end-users. However, you can allow end users to send attachments when filing a ticket or responding to an email notification as a workaround.

    Here's how you can enable this feature:

    1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Settings > Tickets.
    2. Next to Attachments, select the Customer can attach files check box.
    3. Click Save tab.

    My post can be found here.

    Many thanks


  • Jean-Edouard Leblond


    The function will be very appreciate for customer point of view, espacially since windows 10 this is easy to do image capture and past it....



    Best regard

  • Ayal Kellman

    +1 for me on this issue as well. Its not convenient for customers to have to save and then upload attachments when they are used to copying/pasting inline images in almost every other platform. 

  • Brian Takeda

    Adding another +1 here.

    If the end-user is able to do this through an email ticket submission, they should also be able to do this when submitting directly through our new ticket form.

  • Dave Fear

    Hi; This is possible, now. Here's how. Exciting Stuff!

    For e.g. the new_request_page.hbs (Submit a Request) page, add "wysiwyg=true" inside the curly brackets of the form call:

    For e.g. the request_page.hbs (where end users can update their ticket), change {{textarea 'body' to {{wysiwyg 'body': 

    Further reading available here :                 search = 'wysiwyg'

    Copenhagen theme was used these examples.

  • David Kapell

    When I went to implement this, the editor refused to let me save, due to the error "request_form doesn't accept any arguments or options".  Is there an additional step to enable this functionality?

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey David,

    Are you using the Copenhagen theme? 
  • David Kapell

    I don't believe so, I'm using a theme that I forked from one of the defaults when the "new" end user interface was created, many years ago.  Is this only available in Copenhagen?

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey David, 
    We unfortunately can't push updates to custom themes unless. We talk about this here

    Apologies for the inconvenience. 
  • David Kapell

    Just to confirm, if I were to update to Copenhagen, and then customize that theme to the L&F that we use, I'd be able to use this feature, just not get further updates, correct?

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Yep, you're spot on!
  • Ahmad Mustafa

    Hi, I'm using Copenhagen theme. When i enter wysiwyg=true in {{request_form }}, I get the same error, "request_form doesn't accept any arguments or options. 
    Any advise? 

    This is what i did.
    <div id="main-content" class="form">
        {{request_form wysiwyg=true}}


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