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  • Melissa Greene

    I would absolutely love to see this feature enabled, too. We have a small team that is responsible for acknowledging tickets when they come in. Right now, they are constantly checking the queues in between activities, but it would be even better for efficiency if they could be notified with a pop-up notification (similar to chat) directly from their screen. That way, they are aware when a new ticket is created without needing to rely on their inboxes (since we receive so many emails already) and won't need to navigate away from the ticket they are currently working on just to check the queue.

  • Ronald Devine

    +1 Desktop notifications is a must for Zendesk.

    We really need this function built in to Zendesk and this is not for a 3rd party to do like Slack.

    I agree with everyone above and for the same use cases.


  • Jan Stoltzenberg

    Did this request get anywhere? 

  • Samir El Amrani


    Yes, we need this function! It would be a step function improvement in daily workflow. Thank you in advance.


  • Kristyn Thomas

    + 1 Desktop/Sound notification for new tickets requested by my agents as well.  Please add to future release!



  • Mindaugas Verkys

    Of course desktop notifications should be reachable via API.

  • Heather Rommel
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    *nudge* don't forget to upvote this suggestion by clicking the up arrow next to the title!!!

  • Peter Godden
    Hi all, as part of the SweetHawk paid apps offering, we’ve put together a kb article & video on how to create custom popup notifications in Zendesk here:
  • Logan

    Yes this basic feature is needed, especially when many competitors offer it.

  • Peter Godden

    We've one-upped the solution I posted about this a couple of months ago and have released a new Zendesk app called Notify. It lets you define all the details of when, what and who will receive popup notifications. You'll even see a historical thread of notifications in case you missed anything. 

  • Stijn van Esveld

    @Peter, thanks for that, but I believe it's not the functionality we're looking for in this thread. We require desktop notifications which also show when your Zendesk screen is out of focus, like such: 

  • Andrew Corn

    Agreed, the purpose of this thread is "desktop notifications". The Notify app doesn't solve this request.

  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    Hi all, the Notify app has a private beta for chrome desktop notifications, preview below:

    If you'd like to try desktop notifications with the Notify app, please install the app (free trial) and contact us at to opt into the beta.

  • Sonja London

    +1 for desktop notifications.  How is this not already native???



  • Vincent Brendel - SweetHawk

    Sonja, if the Notify app cost is an issue, please feel free to tell us about your requirements at

  • Nicholas Cheng

    +1 for desktop/ browser notifications.

  • Jan Stoltzenberg

    An app could be great, but for security and policy reasons we can install and use only those made my Zendesk themselves.

    An alternative I have used, is to be logged in to the mobile version. The mobile app then makes alert sounds on received new tickets/updates.

  • Jordan Tucker

    I'm really quite shocked that this is not a built-in feature, especially since users have been asking for it since 2013, six years ago.

    I understand that there are paid marketplace apps that provide this service is some capacity, but how is this not a built-in feature for a $90+/mo/agent service?

    This should already be a Trigger Action in Zendesk.

  • Jean-michel WEISS

     I hope that you will not release it the 29th february of this year (2019)...This feature is to preserve your core market, even in OTRS which is available in a free version, the desktop notification is already there by default. Thanks Integromat, but no thanks, same for sweethawk, the connector is too limited. it should be embedded by default, natively 

  • Matt Harding

    Adding another +1 to the sea of comments:


    This feature is very important for our startup.  We would love to have desktop notifications from Zendesk.

  • Julian Gomez

    Dear ZenDesk, 

    I posted the original feature request over 4 years ago! And although I'm a very happy ZenDesk customer overall...I must say that I'm quite disappointed in the lack of attention and follow through that has been given to this thread/request. 

    It seems to be a popular request based on the amount of comments accumulated since posting. And per Matt's recent comment..."+1 to the sea of comments", you can see that it is not a one off request. 

    Some feedback or update would be greatly appreciated. 




  • Steve Klein

    1,611: Days since Julian Gomez started this thread

    51: Number of comments since then

    64: Number of upvotes received

    0: Action taken by zendesk.

    (With apologies to Harper's Index)

  • Louis Evangelista

    We need this

  • Mahany Ortiz

    Desktop notifications directly from Zendesk are desperately needed. Thank you.

  • Артем Глузд

    +1 for this feature

  • James Meenan

    This is a Must-have 

  • Christian Holmes

    Would find this feature very helpful. Is there anything happening with this ?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    @... - The product team is aware of the request, but they haven't been able to put it ahead of other items on the priority list. 

  • Au Finh

    We also tried adding desktop notifications to Playlist's round-robin option for new tickets but ran into issues with Chrome's policies. Looks like you can no longer trigger desktop notifications from an iframe, which is a problem for Zendesk Apps. It would also be great if ZAF also supported desktop notifications! 

    @... We managed to add sound notifications, though! 

  • Jan Stoltzenberg

    Au Finh Saechao, unfortunately this is still out of limits for us. As it is not made by Zendesk, its a third party add-on.

    We operate in a heavily regulated area, even being allowed to use Zendesk was a breakthrough in the company. Keeping it in use already places a lot of on-going security, compliance and other work on us.

    So the functionality must come from Zendesk or from an app made by them.


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