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  • 加藤早織


     I am waiting for this update.

  • James John

    We would likewise adore this component. We are as of now attempting to bring a QA cycle into Zendesk, which includes a drop-down list with 200+ things. We're utilizing this structure for inside representatives to make a pass to do some quality mind some other work we outside of Zendesk.

    The advantage to the drop-down list is that we can write about it, in case it was a book field, we were unable to give an account of that to discover normal subjects.

  • Jamie Noell

    In addition to adding this feature to drop downs on a Help Center form, this same feature would greatly simplify finding the right field on the criterion list in configuring an automation. Of course alphabetizing that list would be a huge help - please see similar request: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4405633353114-Alphabetize-custom-fields-on-Automation-config-screen

  • Jessica Sills

    We would love to see this update as well. Forcing our customers to scroll through a huge list of values is not great.

  • Anita Rajkumar

    Any roadmap for this?

    I need drop down search feature. Is there any workaround for this now?  

  • Johnny J

    We would also like to see, as this is a very useful feature. Users are finding it hard to scroll through the huge list and it is time consuming currently.

  • hajiekhtr

    This already exists for Triggers, all that's missing are Automations and Views. It looks like a quick win, but I'm guessing it's more complicated than it seems.

  • John Jolly

    Confronting same issue in our executions also. We have dropdown list have more than 100+ qualities and its extremely challenging for the client to look through and select the right one.

    Zendesk item supervisory group - you ought not sit tight for getting more votes rather you really want to look how much worth add to the client and address this in the impending deliveries.

  • Matt Eveans

    I'd like to see this too, our support form for customers has a drop down with many options to click through, would be great to have a drop-down field that acted like a drop down, but also searchable like in the Agent dashboard

  • Kirill Akimov

    Hi all! I also vote for this option as a list of 250 items is very inconvenient for our customers.

  • Kirill Akimov

    Hi Dev Team! Is this problem considered as an important one and is planned for implementation?

  • Jorge Enrique Soto Marilaf

    I would be a feature that adds great value to the customer experience in the help center, we look forward to it

  • Eddy Antar

    +1 - Would be game-changing.

  • Chad Susa

    +1 As a Zendesk partner I help implement Zendesk with customers. I've had a number of customers that use large amounts of values in dropdowns on end user facing forms.

    Without a searchable/type ahead feature for dropdown fields, the end user (customer) experience is poor. Often battle to create a reason why Zendesk doesn't have this feature by default especially when it's on the agent side.

    Really need this feature.

  • Kenneth

    Hello I too am also looking to see this updated. I spent an hour with an agent and he told me lots of us are needing this. Lets make it happen please.

  • Terry Waldron

    Is there any update on this , I really need this now as my list is getting into the thousands and asking customers to scroll through these in 2022 is a bit ridiculous 

  • Arhan Peek

    Will it be fixed withing 5 years?


  • Arhan Peek

    Incorrect information, we are still waiting for a fix (in Zendesk for agents this is possible, however end-users are not able to do this on the webform side).

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We have added this to our roadmap and we expect to enable this as part of other improvements to the request form that we are targeting to release in H2 2022. As all roadmap plans this is always subject to change and only reflects our current intention and expectation.

  • Melanie Halse

    We definitely need this also!  Not being able to search through a large number of document references means that we cannot use a dropdown field at all, and instead leave the field as free-text, which can lead to errors and misunderstandings.  Please do implement this improvement as soon as possible! 

  • CJ Johnson

    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen Any update on this now that we are deep in H2 of 2022?

  • Patrick Stark

    Where does this stand?  It is greatly needed!

  • Geoffroy Rech

    this feature is definitely needed, any update as we are now in the middle of H1 2023 ?

  • Alfredo Navarro


    We have the same requirement as we use a lot of different drop-downs for end-user facing forms and some of them have quite a lot of entries (the typical case is the Country field). It could be great to have a searchable / type ahead drop-down, but not only for single-select but also for multi-select field (here another post covering the multi-select fields although without many votes: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409222720538-External-Facing-Forms-Multi-Select-Drop-down-Fields-Allow-Type-Ahead). I hope that both types of fields are covered when this gets implemented.

    Looking forward to this functionality for our forms.

    Thanks and regards, Alfredo

  • justin

    Is there any update on this feature? It's a significant blocker for us. 

  • Tiziano Di Rauso

    Forms have no search capability AND it is not possible to auto-sort them in the dropdown.

    This makes it SUPER tedious to pick the right one as an agent.


  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen

    Do you have an update on when this will be released? Your latest indication was H2 2022 which has been and gone now. 

    It would be really appreciative if you could provide us all with an update on when we can expect to see this being rolled out for use in Zendesk :)



  • Ahmad Aoun

    It's been over 5 years since this post... surely if it was rocket science you would have been done by now?

    H2 2022 has come and gone, Q1 2023 has come and gone, and we're nearing the end of Q2 2023.

    You already have a functioning searchable field in the admin center, and you're not creating something no one had done before: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/datalist

    Can we get some traction on this please?


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