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    Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey everyone,

    I'm happy to share that we have now released account level image gallery! Check out the following announcement for more information: Announcing search and filter for the account level image gallery

    Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us!


    I couldn't agree more. There are many reasons why centrally managing images and attachments in Guide is desirable.

  • Jeremy Korman

    @... and @... - thanks for sharing this request.  This is something that is definitely on our radar.  Can you share a bit more about your use case, and how this would help you?  Here's a few quick questions that will help me understand:

    -When would you expect to use a centrally managed image gallery?  When creating new articles, editing existing ones?  Deleting images? Something else?

    -What's the current "workaround" or "pain" that you're experiencing today?





    I often reuse images in several articles. When we update the UI, these images have to be updated also.

    Currently, I have to keep my own image repository and upload images to individual articles from it, whether the articles are new or are being updated.

    To update existing articles, I have to spend time searching for articles that might contain the image or remember where the image has been used, and then update each article one at a time. This is unnecessarily time consuming and error prone. Honestly, I find this user experience beyond frustrating.

    Maybe I missed one and a customer points it out, or a colleague uses a link to an article in a presentation and an outdated image appears. Not good.

    If I want to create a new article, I have to upload the image again.

    Like reuse in DITA, I would like to have an image repository that I can upload to, pull from, and update for more efficient content creation, maintenance, and reuse.

  • Jeremy Korman

    That makes total sense, thanks @...!

  • Silvia Calatayud

    Dear Jeremy, thanks for your quick answer and feedback.

    Just like Jacqueline, we reuse the images in multiple articles, and we need to go and make the screenshot again and again, or go and look for it on our computer. Having the image library would make us save time.

    We also have a translation tool integrated in Zendesk, having the images library would help us giving a name to a specific image for the image to be used on the translation tool. I will give you an example: we have an article in English on Zendesk that we want to translate into French. This article contains images. We use our translation tool (which is integrated into Zendesk) to translate the content. A solution for the images here would be that the image in English is registered on the "image library" under the name test_screen_EN, and there is the same one in French under the name test_screen_FR. On our translation tool we would only change the language code for the translation tool to insert the correct image. Does it make sense?

    Thanks so much!


  • Jeremy Korman

    @... - thanks for sharing your use-case and the additional information about how your team handles images + translations.  That makes a lot of sense.

  • Sterling Anderson

    I would love a Media Guide that would give us greater oversight into all of the assets we currently have published. That way when our UI undergoes changes we can more easily manage updating the numerous articles that are now out of date. 

  • Sarah Nicholaev

    Hello there! We also have a great need for this. We're in a similar situation as Silvia and Jacqueline - we also reuse the same or similar images in multiple articles and our articles have been translated into 5 languages. Our amazing Product team releases pretty regularly which means lots of updates to our documentation. We would love a solution where the image library or DAM would act as a single source of truth. If the product changes - we would only need to update it once in the library and that would get pushed out to all articles using that image.

  • Casey Birkholz

    Similar use case. My team uses the same images for multiple audiences. New articles and updates are frequent with frequent product enhancements - I am saving images, sharing with my Tech Writers, and we are all uploading them individually into the articles we own. Would be far more efficient for 1 of us to upload to a library and every writer could access from there. 

  • Equipe Business Technology

    Hello ! 

    As described in the comments above, a media library would be a relevant and a much appreciated addition to the guide module ! 


  • Paola Stolz

    Do you have an update on this feature request?

  • Support

    Fully agree. It is a crucial part of content creation workflow to have an integrated dam system.


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