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    Amisha Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello All,

    Good news!

    We started rolling out the color text feature on Agent Workspace today. The rollout is in increments, everyone should have this feature by November 10th. Please see this announcements article for more details: Announcing support for color text in the Zendesk Agent Workspace 

    Please provide us with your feedback when you use this feature. Thank you for being extremely patient! :) 

  • Tobias Hermanns



    we really like to highlight important things in red.

    Any chance?

  • MiiiA Support

    I also wish this was available.

    Often I may go to copy/paste text from an email or elsewhere, that has different color text etc, but pasting it in removes it all, and renders it useless.

    Very big YES PLEASE from us.

  • Dave Medonis

    Most email editors have the ability to change text colors in the email body. 

    It would be a well used feature if it was added.

  • Chope Group

    Bumping this thread up. I really hope Zendesk can build this. I do not understand why we are not getting basic functions like this. Did anyone manage to find an App with this functionality? Thank you.

  • Bee

    +1 to this thread!

    We also have the scenario where a lot of our customers will reply to our tickets with something like 'See my notes in RED' but coloured text does not show for the agent so it's very difficult to work out which part of the ticket content the customer is referring to!

  • Row M

    I agree please make this available

  • Jacob Torkildsen


    We really need the support for colors and the ability to highlight text. Please puch this forward Zendesk!

  • Oliver Keil

    The availability of this feature would be great. We're missing this function badly

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    Could you please provide some detailed examples of why you need colors and highlighting? What business problem does this solve for you? How impactful would it be? How frequently would you use it? 


  • Sara McRoberts

    Hi Nicole!


    Our clients ask a lot of questions. We would love to be able to highlight their questions (or change the font color) and be able to respond in normal text color. We all know people don't read an entire email, so having the colors stand out is a great way to get their attention. It allows us to put a focus on specific pieces of information that would make sense to have the size of heading. With our large customer support department, I imagine this feature would be used multiple times per day. ZD is our primary method of communicating with our clients. 

  • Oliver Keil

    Hello Nicole,

    in our inquiries (templates) we highlight specific and important request from our customers.As Sara mentioned above people do not read an entire mail, so highlighting helps to process important information faster.



  • Stephanie McIntyre

    Hi Nicole,

    The feature being requested here is pretty basic email functionality available in all major email clients (outlook, apple mail, gmail, yahoo, etc) so I don't think what we're asking for here is too far-fetched.  But to answer your specific questions:

    • Why do we need colors and highlighting: In my organization, emails back and forth with customers can become quite lengthy and require us to draw attention to certain areas.  Replies get mixed in with replies and point by point must be answered, as someone said above "see my answer in <color>" is pretty common.
    • The business problem this solves:  See above.  I'm in a smaller organization that crafts detailed emails that would almost pass as documentation.  It's hard to create documentation with very little formatting choice.
    • Impactful:  Without formatting, my emails lack professionalism that my customer's expect.  I am actively seeking ways to avoid using ZD's UI because of the lack of choice. 
    • Frequency of use:  multiple times a day.  Even in this message I've just written, I would have definitely used font size/color.
  • John Gondek

    We ran into this same need as well with two different departments that we just turned on to Zendesk.  The color text & highlight options are essential for the same reasons that everyone before me has pointed out.  It's basic 1990's technology that should be there regardless, so asking the questions is like saying why do pencils come with erasers.  Because it sure is easier having that eraser on the end when you need it isn't it!

    This is an option we would use daily across both departments.  Some users have even expressed concerns for staying out of Zendesk just because of it, and this will grow among our users for certain. 

    The impact for us would be significant because as another stated above, no one wants to read an entire string of run on text when we can simply note the critical points in highlight or colored text, and also helps to quickly sort message strings from different users on the same ticket.

    It's an easy win for Zendesk, so make it happen!  

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    @Stephanie - Certainly not far-fetched. But product managers have asked us to ask follow up questions and try to get details about use cases, as that information is helpful for them in understanding any unique implementations, how business critical the issue is, the scope and impact of it, whether it's a necessity or a "nice-to-have", etc.

    Comments that are just "+1" or "I want this too" don't really help product managers, which is why we regularly encourage users to provide more information.

    Thanks so much for the detail you've outlined here. Really appreciate your taking the time to share!

    @John -Thanks for sharing your use case as well. I wish something seemingly easy meant we could just throw it in a sprint and be done with it, but resources are allocated months in advance, and it's not always easy to change the scope of what's already planned. That being said, we'll be sure to push the comments in this thread over to the appropriate teams!

  • Kelly Vitt

    Our business just implemented ZD and I agree with the posters, our Support Team often communicates with our client base to report issues with data received, we're now having to send emails to highlight data elements that are invalid. Having a different font color or the ability to highlight would be helpful to us. 

  • Ary A

    We recently implemented zendesk support as well (about 6 months now) and I am truly shocked that basic text formatting features are non existent. 

    I attached a screenshot of an actual client message saying to "see my comments in red" and the only way is to see what the client was trying to highlight is to click on the "view original email" and open up the html view and see the colors. 

    However when we responded to that/similar emails

    1. The color is lost from the original message the client sent so its really confusing to the client
    2. Since we can't respond to what the client highlighted in red with our own colors, we have to craft the response in a way that takes a looooooot more time. In a typical email/client communication platform that had basic text formatting features, we would have been able to respond to the ticket in less than half the time it did in zendesk since we have to summarize the email with the clients comments in red then add our own comments. The other option was to just respond outside of zendesk (our company uses gsuite so gmail) in a normal platform that has basic text editing features and just cc our zendesk support email. 

    @nicole see my comments to your messages in red below (you can't so I made them bold) 

    Hi all - 

    Could you please provide some detailed examples of why you need colors and highlighting?To help emails to clients be easier to follow. What business problem does this solve for you? Making our business look more professional and up to date as basic color and text formatting in emails has been a staple since 2000. Additionally, sending emails that are formatted well with color shows our clients/customers that we are taking time to respond and there was thought put into how it was organized, making the email more personal. How impactful would it be? Extremely. How frequently would you use it? Everyday



    @Stephanie - Certainly not far-fetched. But product managers have asked us to ask follow up questions and try to get details about use cases, as that information is helpful for them in understanding any unique implementations, how business critical the issue is, the scope and impact of it, whether it's a necessity or a "nice-to-have", etc. Do your product managers use gmail? I'm 100% sure they have/do, use that for reference.

    Comments that are just "+1" or "I want this too" don't really help product managers, which is why we regularly encourage users to provide more information.Do we really need to explain why formatting colors in emails is important? Have you ever received a long email that addressed numerous topics? If your product managers can't figure out why that's important then...


    This is zendesk text editor 


    This is a very common email platform



    I'm pretty sure zendesk is not going to do anything about this since

    1. This thread started almost 2 years ago (and there are a bunch of other threads talking about this) yet nothing happened 
    2. It takes months for a community manager to respond

    I just wanted to let all the previous people to know that I share your frustrations.

    For all future people who stumble across this, there is no hope for this to be implemented so just plan accordingly and move on.





  • Dan Rodriguez

    Hoping that this feature is considered for addition.

  • Jim Tatum

    The problem with Zendesk is, they believe the data doesn't belong to us Zendesk subscribers. They actually believe it belongs to Zendesk and they can provide whatever feature they feel we need or don't need. I have been fighting with them over this topic for 3yrs now and have gotten nowhere.

    So like Ary A, I doubt they do anything.

  • Ben Richards

    Yes we need coloured text too. We often have to reply inline to comments and also highlight data within a ticket. 

    Bolding these comments is not enough. They need to be highlighted in a colour to make them stand out

  • Otger Cobben

    At our office (mid size bank) the employees complains a lot about this. With outlook they can easily copy a part of an excelsheet to outlook and modify it there also (remove some columns or rows, change some data, change color etc.) They use this often for communicating financial data with the customers. In Zendesk this is all not possible. So same layout and edit possibliities as in Microsoft Office (Outlook)

  • Rouwhorst, O.T. (Oscar)

    I agree with the comments made by Otger (above).

  • Russell Dunn

    I agree with a lot of the comments - the lack of basic functionality in Zendesk belies belief on an almost daily basis, but none more so than the lack of an even basic featured text editor.

    We have to send code snippets to customers regularly and being able to doing this simply and easily in Zendesk is a massive pain point.

    @Nicole you say that +1's don't help, but it's really very worrying that your Product Managers seem unable to work out why widely available, simple, text editing features might be useful for your customers.

    As the engineer here responsible for our Zendesk installation, do you think my regular recommendations to my company that any pain associated with a move away from Zendesk would be worth it in the long run are best served by your Product Managers refusing to engage with the community on basic features? Or would it be in Zendesks interests to actually give customers what they want?

    I could understand entirely if people were asking something unreasonable, but your text editor is appalling and - really - Zendesk should be ashamed at its level of functionality.

  • Ben Richards

    +1 :p 

  • Tony Wacheski

    I agree, Zendesk has some great features but lacks very basic and essential features like formatting text, which we all expected would be there. It is extremely frustrating to be missing table stake features such as formatting text, which are available in every other app, and utility including the free open source CRM I replaced Zendesk. Disappointed

    This is desperately needed to give our customers the best experience possible, which is why we are paying for Zendesk. Frustrating. 



  • Chris Cooke

    I agree it would be incredibly useful to have simple colour options for agents responding to tickets. We repeat a lot of the same wording to some of our customers (payment issues online) and customers tend to gloss over any sort of explanation longer than 3 lines. Colours are a great way to denote importance without it looking like you are yelling!

  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hi @Nicole -

    My team is asking for this functionality as well to draw attention (visually) to key aspects of their response - aka - Please respond Friday by 5PM to reserve your spot.  I agree with others on this thread that simply bolding the font is not enough in some cases for our end-users.  Hoping to see this update in a future release.


  • Grant Coulson

    This would be a great feature. For example, we frequently receive questions on product-based questions.


    Eg, how does this work? Why does it do this?


    It would be great to be able to have the customers color text in one, and then our answer in another color to clearly show the answer. This is not relevant where there is only one question within a ticket, but when there are multiple questions and answers, it would be useful



  • James Pitcher

    +1 for this also - we need to highlight certain text in our responses, need a highlight option or option to change text colour / background colour

  • Tony Wacheski


    Consistency would also be nice too.  Guide text editor appears to be built on an older TinyMCE open source version while the Support message editor is more limited.  Having the same up-to-date Editor throughout the portfolio would be easier on users and presumably easier on the development teams.   

    Zendesk has some great features but some serious limitations that are quite surprising.  Some table stakes features may not create new revenue opportunities but will reduce churn. 



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