Ability for admins to logout agents


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  • Meghan

    need this feature. another upvote. It's been requested for 5 years straight. 

  • Danny Grabacki

    Hello Team!

    It seems that this is an older thread, but just wondering if the product has been expanded to include the ability for admins to control agent statuses as of yet?  Thank you!

  • CJ

    Brett Bowser Does this mean this request is not being considered for anyone not on the Enterprise Suite? Live Dashboards are not available for all other plans. 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey CJ,

    Great question! I'm not 100% sure of since this functionality is still being built. As more information becomes available I'll be sure to update this post :) 
  • Stephen W

    Just to clarify, if an agent doesn't click 'log out' and instead closes the browser and shuts down their PC they still show as online. I also assume this continues to consume agent seats??

    When the browser is then opened you have to login but the session time remains active, I have users online for nearly 300 days when they login every day to Zendesk. Sounds like a bug to me not a required feature. 

    At the very least I need to force log them out.


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