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  • Mallory Roth

    +1 on the need for label management at a system level and the ability to view, edit, and delete labels.

    Thanks to all for the comments above. 

  • Flair Customer Support

    A reasonable feature request that's been sitting around for over 5 years implies that it's not a trivial implementation or ZD has more important features to work on.

    There's are endpoints that can be used. It's a bit brutish, but at least we can delete a label.

    Get a list of labels and ID's:

    Search for articles by label ID (make sure it's not being used):

    Delete label from article (in case it's being used):

    Delete label by ID:

    So you can do this from a browser. Here's how to get all labels:

    https://<your ZD implementation>

  • Heather Briggs

    I agree, being able to just change the label name would be very helpful.  While you can't fix a typo you can do bulk editing of articles you can update them to a "new good label" in masse. Create the new label.  Then go to your published articles, change the filter to search for the "bad label" you want to fix. Select all the articles, un-select the "bad label", select the "new good label" and republish. The other labels for each article still remain untouched.  The bad label still appears when you are adding articles so you could select it again but at least you can fix it.

  • Marina Gu


  • Joyce Yang


  • Eckhard Doll

    5 years and nothing... improving existing features seems to be very low on Zendesk's list of priorities. It's all about new features and products.

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Wanted to let you know that @... and I are working on a solution for content tagging that goes across articles, community posts and more. We're still at the early proof-of-concept stage, so I can't share that just yet, but we are very aware that there is a need to serve here!

  • DonnaJ

    I have individual articles with 36+ sometimes more labels. I want to bulk-delete all of these labels because when they were added, someone was under the impression that the more words in a label, the better. Ugh. This is stuff that should have been in there from the beginning... not as a 5-year-old afterthought that's just now getting some implementation attention.

  • Ana-Alicia Siqueiros

    Would love to be able to delete labels and some of the other requests noted here.

    Has anyone been able to do the following suggestion from 1 year ago?:

    So you can do this from a browser. Here's how to get all labels:

    https://<your ZD implementation>


    Following for more information! 

  • sorin

    Hi everybody,

    I'm planning to implement the labels & tags management in my new Zendesk app: Help Center Manager. It's still work in progress but please register your interest to get notified of its release.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Shirin - 

    Votes aren't the only metric we look at when prioritizing our product roadmap; they're one of several factors. For more information on how we bring user feedback into our product development process, check out this video on our YouTube channel: Giving product feedback at Zendesk


  • Joanne Chow


  • Nate Moss

    To anyone looking to get a list of all labels currently being used in your Help Center.

    1. Paste this link in your browser and replace "{subdomain}" with your actual subdomain. Also, make sure you are logged in to your ZD account when doing so. https://{subdomain}
    2. You should now have a screen with a ton of mushed-together data. This is a JSON file. Right-click anywhere and hit save as and download to your computer.
    3. Go to: Upload your file and download as CSV. Now you have an organized list of all current labels in your Help Center at that point in time.

    Thank you Zendesk for making this so hard :)

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for sharing this workaround, Nate!
  • Julie Kuehl

    Squeeeee!!! Thank you so much, Nate! This was very timely for us and so, so valuable.

    Looking forward to a day where this is built into Zendesk, but this is a great beginning to address tag management which has been impossible for so long.

  • Flair Customer Support

    Hi All,

    Sorin from Swifteq has been working on some cool tools for Zendesk.

    Have you seen the help desk manager?

    (Disclaimer: I have talked with Sorin in the past but am not affiliated with his company. I can say that he is very responsive to requests!)

    My best,

  • Sarah Rebecca Miller

    +1 Since labels are case-sensitive, it's easy to create duplicates. We want our authors to use the same labels but if someone made a mistake when creating a label or we decided to use a different term due to business changes (like we've renamed a program or service), it is difficult for authors to adhere since the old label can't be deleted. I see that tags can be managed on the support side...


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