CSS branding not applied to sign in page (Help Center)

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  • James Pullman


    This would be great.

  • Kendall Chandler

    We would like to be able to add instructional text to the login page, as well as apply our branding to make it more inviting. This is one of the primary places that we interact with out customers and their first experience with it does not reflect our brand at all. 

  • MagicStore srl

    Hi, someone know about any implementation of this function? It would be very important to personalize the Log In page

  • David



    Waiting eagerly!

  • Paul Lawrence


    I have an accessibility issue with the login popup. Most screen readers cannot detect the login popup and I would like to customize it or use it as a standalone page in my Help Center.

  • Support Engineer 4

    +1 but the request was made 5 years ago and is not yet available that long to implement this feature

  • Brad Harris

    Hey Zendesk - any update on this?

  • Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey, Brad - 

    Currently we don't have an updated. We recently made some accessibility changes to the page, and have plans to do further review of the login pages, but at this time we don't have an update. 

  • Magic Webdesigns (IT Support)

    +1 - real shame this has not been raised for over 5 years! 

    It would be a simple solution, just create a login/register page - not pop up!

  • Jeremy Robinson

    I have 3 requests pertaining to this:

    1. Would like an OOTB solution for modifying the sign on modal window for matching our business styles, fonts, etc. branding.

    2. Would like the ability to allow users to sign in via LinkedIn over the option to sign in with Facebook or Twitter. 

    3. Would like the ability to create a custom button on the sign on modal window that utilizes SSO to allow our users to go to our SaaS application to authentication, then pass that user and login token back to Zendesk. This button would appear as "Login with X account" and clicking it would then direct to our app based on how we configure it on the back end. 

  • Michael H

    ^ What @Jeremy Robinson said, times infinity.

    Modification of the sign in window should be one of the elements customisable in a Help Centre theme, and it's strange that it isn't.

    And sign in options need to be far more granular. It shouldn't be limited to just what Zendesk choose to offer; but whatever your end-customer wishes to offer to their consumers.

    If they want to offer LinkedIn sign in, develop a login to a custom system, offer a platform independent OpenID connect method, or kill off the sign-in window entirely and instead redirect everyone over to the end-customers SSO system to ensure a consistent presentation of login, security and brand to their users - then that should be available.

    And honestly, this shouldn't be hard to do, and shouldn't be so far down the list of enhancements that a five year old thread is still receiving much the same comments and requests.

  • Simon Hewins

    Six years on - from original request ....

    I would like to add myself as another user that would like this feature.

    Ditto to @Michael H's comments

  • Dru Kepple

    +1...plus more-than-one if possible... This request just came down from on-high; but it's my fault that I'm unable to comply!

  • Mark Adkins

    As we are unable to do this and it has been so long, we've decided to write our own help center portal.  This will allow us to do quite a bit more because we can create our own code.  So does the API support using Zendesk authentication to authenticate for a specific registered user?  

  • Adam

    +1 We'd like to be able to customize this popup as it creates confusion for our customers.

  • Efrat Barak

    Is there any update or timeline for this feature request?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Efrat - There has not yet been a commitment to fulfill this request from the product team.

  • Permanently deleted user

    We've used SSO for years for our agents (the only ones who need to sign in), but just disabled it. Now I have discovered something disturbing. When users click on the Sign In button, they see a modal popup that says "New to {{GUIDE NAME}}? Sign up".

    I desperately want to get rid of that line of text. We do NOT want users to "sign up" because they can just as easily submit a request, which creates an account for them anyway. Signing up just generates more emails and hoops to jump through, which is totally unnecessary.

    Our guide content is open to all visitors, and we accept tickets from anyone. We serve students and teachers who are already confused enough by the time they come to our Help Center. We try to make the process as easy as possible, and the implication that they must "sign up" for something is adding a barrier. 

    I would be happy to remove that line of text by CSS or javascript, but I can't seem to find a formula that works. Any help?

  • Karen D Snyder



    According to this, the modal can't be modified due to security concerns. You stated that your guide content is open to all visitors without needing to sign up. As a workaround, have you considered changing the Sign In button text to something like Sign in (not required to submit request)? I realize that would make the text long and maybe even more confusing. 

  • Sarah

    I would like to add my name to the list. Our Knowledge Base is set up for various user groups, which are based on roles. Since we don't know what role the user is that is signing up, we would like to be able to modify the sign up page so that we can ask them what role they are so we can surface the proper knowledge to them. 

    Does anyone know if it's possible to develop a skin or widget to go overtop the Zendesk sign up page so we can collect the information we need?

  • Chris Cheung

    We also have our own login screen.  However, when going to it, we still see a quarter second flash of the default login screen.  Looks odd and is bad experience.  If signed in, we see it too.  It shows our logo and a borderline on header.  I made it slightly better by removing the logo from the global branding, then hard coding the logo within the header.hbs file.  that way it wouldn't show on the login screen.

  • Garrett Bowne

    +1 here please. This would be very valuable even the functionality of the urls would be a starting point

  • Jen Ma

    I would like to remove the sign-up option on the sign-in page (highlighted in the screenshot. We are using this help center for internal use only. We do not want anyone to have the ability to sign up. We will add all the end-users and provide them with a password or an option to change their password. Is this possible?  I tried to use CSS sheet in my theme, but realize that the CSS theme sheet is not attached to the sign-in page.  If you are going to suggest the SSO route, can the SSO route be tied to each brand? We have about 6 other brands that we manage on the same Zendesk account. We want our other 6 brand help centers to be available to anyone. We hide our submitting options on our help centers for those brands.


    Here is a screenshot:

  • Phil Baker

    We would also like to have a landing page for our Help Center users to login to similar to the Zendesk login page (https://www.zendesk.com/login/#login) rather than the default blank page with a login dialog that lacks any branding. Please let me know when this will be available. 

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to thank you for all this great feedback. I know this request has been around for a long time and we haven't done much. Unfortunately it's not on our immediate roadmap to tackle this, but you could for example utilize Single-Signon to provide alternative login experiences.

  • Kelli Cain

    Curious if anyone on this thread has identified a workflow within Zendesk for obtaining end-user acceptance of custom terms & conditions?  This is currently a blocker for utilizing the Gather Community.  Thanks

  • Charles LE REUN

    Hi everyone,

    Many topics on this history, but Kasper Sorensen is the possibility to change the URL as the same from the Guide Help Center possible?

    We are restricting the access to the Customer Web portal to only premium Customer and Partners. So when they reach our custom url (support.company.com) they are all automatically redirected to company1234.zendesk.com. **This is considered as a non-legitimate redirection to a phishing portal without our brand image.** Hence, the first thing our new premium customers see is a questionable authentication page.

    Did you already have this subject under consideration?

    Thank you in advance.


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