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  • Maria

    This feature is also important to us. Any update on this request?

  • James Hubbard

    Any update for this?

  • Eric Madura


    Jan 3, 2023

  • Attractive.Media

    I'd much rather have an UNDO BUTTON than "safeguards against accidental merges," although truthfully it already probably shouldn't be so dang easy to merge different user's tickets together, being that it's a massive privacy concern. Wow. How could this be so ignored for so long?

    Just do the merge process, but in reverse! And when you do the merge process, don't destroy any data...just save it in case an undo is needed to happen.

    We did not know about this limitation before purchasing and moving our entire support platform to Zendesk. This is something that very well could cause MASSIVE legal implications for both Zendesk and its clients...so please let us know when this issue will be resolved.

    We need actual dates, not gross estimations, not a statement subject to change like the wind. Your customers need something concrete and real. You acknowledged this massive problem back in Aug '21 latest.

    We're now going on 1.5 years and no forward progress. What gives? I thought you guys were the best of the best?

  • Matt

    We're over a year and a half past the notification from the product manager on this. When is this feature going to be implemented?

  • Preethi Thutika
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback. We hear you and we do clearly understand the concern around accidental tickets merges and the consequences. We are committed to addressing this incrementally and in a phased manner.

    We are in the midst of rolling out a new warning message that prompts the user to validate their ticket merge selection if the system detects a mismatch across organization, brand, or requester fields. While detecting for potential risk, this also allows the user to reassess, reconsider, and go back to the merge selection step. We strongly believe this will reduce the risk of accidental merges.

    While this is under way, we are continuing our efforts towards a more intuitive and enhanced ticket merge experience with granular controls built into the merge operation.

    Thank you for your patience and your continued engagement.

  • Rob Banga

    Hi Gaurav P, is there an ETA for this feature to be released?

  • rajesh

    Probably after 10 years have passed?  What bothers me is the absolutely cavalier approach to a legal problem clients are facing.  Sending private information to others is breaking the law.  

    ZenDesk is a US company and simply does not care about GDPR issues.  

  • MrJohn-PaulPage

    The ability to unmerge tickets is critical now with GDPR being so prevalent and the inability to do this even as an admin feature shocks me.  This should be on the road map for release sooner rather than later and not ignored!

  • Andrew Dun

    The ability to unmerge tickets would save a lot of time and manual effort. 

  • Stephen

    +1 - having hte ability to unmerge would be a great feature to have.


    Guys, this is super important. We need to be able to un-merge tickets. Please.


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