Restrict Sending Surveys every 30 days from Last Survey Sent

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  • Charanjeet Kaur

    Hello Melissa,

    This article is really helpful for us. the only issue we still have that if we have receieved e.g. 3-4 tickets in last 30 days. and we want to send only one survey to the customer not for every ticket. 

    How it can be achieved?

    I have tested the solution you have provided above, it trigger for each ticket . But we want to send only single survey after every 30 day, either customer wrote us 3 or four time.


    Kind Regards

    Charanjeet kaur

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Hi Charanjeet,

    Based on the conditions presented on this workflow, it should also restrict sending surveys on multiple tickets for it's using the actual last satisfaction date as the condition to send surveys. It's possible that when you have enabled the automation for sending the survey those tickets were already created therefore it fired for all the existing tickets.


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