Tip: Get desktop/browser notifications for new/changed tickets

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  • Joel Hellman

    This is interesting. 

    Can this be deployed to multiple users in Chrome. Or does it require a manual setup for each user?

    Let's assume I have around 100 users, would this scale?

  • Ondřej Gazda

    There is a limit of 1000 users, who can receive the same notification at the same time.

    Every extension installation will generate an unique Registration ID: 

    Registration ID needs to be added into module settings at Integromat, so we know where to send the notifications:

    So the limit is 1000 users and every user needs to be added manualy (one time thing, takes like 4 seconds to add one - copy/paste).

    We can offer a batch import for larger ammounts, contact us at support@integromat.com if interested.

  • Joel Hellman

    Thanks, I'll try it out, I created a trial and got it working for my browser. 

    I suppose the challenge would be how to distribute the extension and have every ID added when you have many users.


  • Ondřej Gazda

    We have updated our extension, so it now allows to directly add Chrome browser you are working at to the Recipients list.

  • Martin Gregory

    I'm finding it hard to get started with this.  It's quite a complicated solution for a simple problem.

    I went to the page pointed at for the template and said "create scenario from this template".

    I can't get past the next dialog: it is asking me for things that don't mean anything to me, like "Unique Identifier" and "Secret".

    I tried putting some obvious kinds of things in these fields, but always get "Invalid Token"


  • Ondřej Gazda

    Martin, you failed on creating a connection to your Zendesk, which is an essential part and it simply can't be done without it. There is a direct link to how-to in that window where you setting it up. Here it is: https://www.integromat.com/en/kb/pkg/zendesk/index.html

  • David Holeman

    And there is always a hook. It is free to a point then after x transactions (and it's a low number) you have to subscribe.  Also, this is an overseas solution and for me I can't work with that for various security reasons.  It would be nice if much like for Zopim Chat that uses notifications in Chrome that Zendesk also enable for Talk, SMS, etc.  Problem for me is when folks have headsets plugged in and they don't have on their ears they can miss a call.  A visual notification would be great and this tool did a nice job but overkill for a simple notification.  Now if you need all kinds of triggers and work flows and moving bits of data around and having that data in the cloud overseas is not a problem it's nice.  I don't mean to knock a good tool here and appreciate what they did but something local to the browser/desktop is all we are looking for. :-)

  • DuBose Griffin

    We need a native browser notification feature for Zendesk. This integration using the free service does not update for 15 minutes.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi DuBose -

    Welcome to the Zendesk Community, and thanks for the feedback! I encourage you to share it in the Product Feedback forum, which the Product Managers read and use to inform their roadmap decisions. Here are a couple of threads that might be relevant to your request:

    Desktop Notifications

    New Ticket Desktop Notification 

  • Maricel Ner Matias
    Hi Ondřej I am trying to create a new scenario. But I am getting

    Invalid Authorization Request

    No such client


    Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

  • Ondřej Gazda

    Hi Maricel,
    did you connected Zendesk to Integromat as described here? https://www.integromat.com/en/kb/pkg/zendesk/index.html#connecting-the-zendesk-service-to-integromat

    Please, get in touch with us at support@integromat.com, we will help you :)

    Best. Ondrej

  • Scott McCoy

    This add-on simply doesn't work. Asks for master password, then hangs. Does nothing but show the "spinner" forever. Reload browser and it's back to doing nothing at all. Messed with it for a week now and it just doesn't work. Total crap.

  • Ondřej Gazda

    Hey Scott,
    it's working perfectly, we have hundreds of users using it.

    Please, get in touch at support@integromat.com, we will look at your scenario and help you fix it.


  • Ronald Devine

    What exactly will be sent to Integgromat servers?

    It just says your application would be able to read all user data.

    What exactly are you reading and what are you storing on your servers?

    Need to know this for security and privacy reasons. We cant have any of our customers personal information be readable or stored on your servers.

    If all your reading was a value from Zendesk that indicates there is a new or updated ticket is available then that is ok.  But if anything else is read or collected that a big issue.

  • Ondřej Gazda

    Ronald, you will select what exactly we will read from your Zendesk.

    And we have an option we call "Data is confidential", which you can turn on and in this case, no data will be saved on our servers. They will be processed directly from the memory of our servers without reaching any physical storage.

    You can read more about that option here: https://support.integromat.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001988434-Advanced-scenario-settings

  • Michael

    I agree that a native notification built within Zendesk is a solution.

    In my opinion, it seems pretty ridiculous to have an audible notification for calls and chat but not one for Support.  Am I expected to leave my browser window on Support and never navigate away?  Is it not understood that in an end-user Support role that I need to navigate to, and jump between multiple browsers and programs to complete a task/request?

    I don't mean to sound unappreciative, or like I am complaining.  I personally love how Zendesk has helped my team become more proficient, and allowing us the ability to automate processes, but it seems pretty obvious that if Zendesk offers a suite of products, that its notifications would carry through the entire suite, no?

  • Dan Journo

    I totally agree with the last comment. Since the functionality is already there for Chat and Calls, it seems rather trivial to add the same functionality for Support.

    But from what I've seen over the last 3ish years of using Zendesk, they rarely develop new features and never listen to customer feedback.

    We are at the stage where we are considering launching our own product, even if it'll only be used internally.

  • David Rosner

    This seems SO logical that notifications be created even when the browser is closed/minimised. Please think about some solution!!


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