Import your Zendesk Customer Service Data into your Data Warehouse

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  • Willy Dinah

    To easily load your Zendesk data to Redshift take a look at Skyvia. It works similar to Blendo, but the price is cheaper.

  • Mohammad Shabbir Taibani

    Hi , Can I import Zendesk query in MS Excel , or MS Access ?


  • Devan La Spisa
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey @...

    I can't speak for @... in regards to importing related to his tip. However, here are the recommended ways we suggest importing. Below is an article that breaks down how to go about exporting a variety of file types and would be our recommended starting point. Also, our API documentation also should be to help you with exporting various types of data by utilizing the Zendesk API.

    Exporting data to a JSON, CSV, or XML file (Professional and Enterprise)

    Support API

    Best regards.


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