Enforce required ticket fields to be filled prior to merging

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  • Dan Reyes-Cairo

    Yes, this is essential! We've been doing a ticket audit on our systems and have noticed lots of null required fields in our data.

    We'll be working with agents to assure that they're filling these fields in before merging, but the value of having a required field is lost when there's a major loophole like this.

    Compounding the issue is that even if an agent fills in the required field into the dropdown, when they merge the ticket that field isn't saved to the ticket prior to closing. So the order of operations here isn't right because it's trying to apply the field change after the status change.

    Please fix!

  • Nikki Stockton


    I also see a lot of my tickets with Null values due to this.  I then have to go through them and verify them - painful! 


  • Joel Mayer

    +1 This is a no brainer need

  • sorin

    If these fields can be set based on a predefined set of rules, you can use our Merge Zendesk tickets app to automatically merge tickets and set the values for these fields.

  • Martin Chong

    When Zendesk is used with regulatory bodies such as the FDA, the FDA audit strictly calls for manually setting the mandatory fields prior to closing or merging a ticket (as merge will close a ticket).

    The mandatory field value cannot be pre-defined (set with a default value) when a ticket is created as it will be considered a decision is made before a ticket is reviewed. The field value must be set after review, before closing or merging each ticket. And so this is important when one deals with very strict regulatory authorities!

  • Anastasia Kachanova



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