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  • Joshua Newell

    Does your iOS app have custom URL schemes to launch your app and search for keyword?

    With that I could create a internal webpage to use the API to list following ticket ID's and show the link for them to click to auto search in the iOS app. 

    Not elegant by any means but if the feature already exists I have a work around until this request is actioned.

  • Will Poon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Joshua, 

    Many thanks for your post. We've added this to our backlog for future consideration. 

    For the time being, there is a workaround that could allow you to view the tickets you are following on the iOS app. To do this, you need to: 

    1. Open a ticket where you have left a comment. 
    2. Tap on your avatar to open your profile. This will show you a summary of tickets you are assigned, have requested, you are cc'd on and following.
    3. Tap on following.
    4. This will display the list of tickets that you are following. 

    I know it's not elegant and we will strive to improve it going forward. 

    Also, in relation to Marketplace integration, this is something we will be bringing into discovery and technical feasibility in 2022. We want to work out how we can enable our customers to launch custom apps from our mobile apps. 

    One last note, we're currently reimagining our mobile app experience and have an exciting new UI we will be launching in the near future. If you'd like to learn more or sign up to our EAP, please check out this link. 




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