Allow Me To Set Up Skills Based on Ticket Tags

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  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi CJ Johnson

    Skills-based routing, for our purposes, is just too static.

    Zendesk assumes that all the skills required can be derived from the ticket as it enters Zendesk Support as a New ticket. Once it is Open, you cannot route it based on skills.

    This falls way short of real life in many ways: Our customers do have a problem, but can they describe it in minute detail so a machine (whether artifically intelligent or not) can derive what the real problem is?

    In most cases, the answer is no. And that's where skills based routing à la Zendesk lacks.

    We did build our own scheme for this, and it works pretty well.

    However, it has nothing to do with Zendesk's simplistic offering, and uses tags, form fields, triggers and the API.

    Yours truly 


  • Harper Dane

    +1 to this. I have to create checkboxes on our forms to make tickets route based on tags, instead of simply assigning tags to Skills directly. It over-complicates our forms and adds a needless headache to the setup process for Omnichannel. 


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