Feature request: Ability to assign organization when adding new user

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  • Kyle Davis ATG



    This feature would be nice.

    However, if the Organization already exists, you can add a user while viewing the Organization, you can "add user" and the new user will be assigned to that company.

    Also, if the Organization has a "Domain" assigned, if you add a user that has the same domain, they will automatically be added to that organization. However, if it is a common domain like "Gmail" or "yahoo", or "Hotmail" or others, that won't auto-assign to a company because then all users with those domains will add.

  • AJ Sneed

    This is the most asked for update from my support teams. Ours is massively based upon organizations and having this on the pop up screen would help save us some time when adding to the organization without having to go to another tab on the screen. 


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