end-user timezone should be set to their IP location and not the default location set in admin.

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  • Paulo Jacob

    This is an issue with teams that are spread across several time zones (some with several hours difference) 

  • Cameron Milne

    Couldn't agree more, the information there is completely unhelpful.

  • Adrian Harle

    This is completely baffling approach. It would be much better if the customer time zone was completely hidden, rather than displaying incorrect/misleading information

  • Cameron Milne

    Adrian Harle I agree, this is completely superfluous information. The fact you cannot adust the content in that User Context panel is baffling to me also. 


  • Anais

    Totally agree with this post and all previous comments. I just wanted to add that I thought I would use a trigger or automation to update that field automatically based on some location tags we are using but nope, editing the time zone isn't part of the available actions :( 

    So the only thing we can do, as far as I can see, is to edit manually the time zone in the customer profile. And since there isn't any feature to bulk edit user profiles, it will have to be done one by one...


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