Bulk Edit w/ Macro is Updating unselected Solved Tickets

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  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jeremy,

    If there's an action associated with your Macro associated with your Business Rules such as Trigger or Automation that could possibly be causing the updates on your tickets. You can also view the ticket event logs to determine what's causing those updates.

    I can also see the ticket you raised with us, we'll be glad to look into the issue more if you can provide us samples to check, and we'll continue to assist you from there. Kindly check your email for more information. Thanks!
  • Jeremy Chapin

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for getting back to me. The ticket event logs for the most recent occurrence just now shows a new macro being applied to a ticket that I didn't even have selected, and that wasn't in the Unassigned Tickets view I was in.

    The ticket I'm looking at had already been assigned, and had a different macro applied - when I bulk applied another macro to 2 Unassigned Tickets, it applied that macro to every ticket I had touched this morning, when I only had 2 tickets selected.
    Here you can see it had one macro that I actually applied (User Configuration Issues) and then later it shows me applying Account Creation, when in reality, that macro was actually applied to 2 other tickets, not this one:

    A rep contacted me via email and asked me to send a video recording of the issue - I can't do this because I can't share PII, and I shouldn't be the one to have to recreate a Zendesk defect for you guys, after providing your team with repro steps. This issue started happening the day that the new Workspace was deployed back in September. I've been using Zendesk the same way for 10 years, and all of a sudden this started happening the day that the "new" upside-down Workspace was rolled out.


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