Exporting Side Conversations

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  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ashlee. Would having the email address in the forwarded thread work? It's currently not there in order to not leak agent's personal email addresses on accident, but we're looking into a way to replace individual agent addresses with the ticket's support address.

  • Ashlee M

    Hi Toby, Thanks for the quick response! Not so concerned about having the agent's email address visible but whoever is in the To & CC fields, having that visible or maybe an option to have it visible/hidden would be great. It would make escalating non responses better so we have solid proof it was sent to the 3rd party at the right address. Also if we were able to edit what part of the side conversation is being forwarded, for example if I only want to forward the last received email instead of the entire thread. I've tried to edit it previously but can only delete everything or send everything in the conversation. Something similar to how we can view end user responses in a pop up could work as well.


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