Feature Request: Require Attachment based on Certain Form Conditions

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  • CJ Johnson

    Agreed! I use the workaround but the workaround is quite complicated and if you have many forms that need requirements, it gets messy and confusing in the code as well. I would love to see this supported via the UI, especially given how common a use-case it is for forms. 

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    +1 if we can make this as simple as that then the better. 

  • Amie Brennan

    +1 I have multiple customers who would like to utilise such a feature. Using custom-coded workarounds is tiresome and this should be built-in functionality. 

    Use case: There are various reasons why an attachment needs to be mandatory for form submission. I've noted a few below as examples from my customers: 

    • Any type of form which requires you to provide proof of something e.g proof of ID, income, broken item for a return etc
    • Require the customer to upload a purchase order
    • Financial Hardship documentation
    • Cashback or refund claims


  • Stephen

    +1 - definitely a great feature to have. Having the ability to require an attachment based on a field or form selected would be fantastic.

    As Amie mentions above, there are a bunch of use cases where documents are required and needing to write custom code to handle this is frustrating.


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