Ability to Snooze tickets

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  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Joel Watson

    You can easily achieve this in Zendesk by creating an automation that will automatically reopen the ticket for you after X after of time. 

    What I would do to make this workflow easier and more dynamic which requires fewer changes over time would be to do the following: 

    1. Create a custom on-hold status which is "On-hold - waiting for dev fix"

    2. Create an automation that looks for tickets that have been in this status for X amount of days and then re-open. 


    This workflow would easily allow you to do it via the Submit button like you're looking for. :)

    Hope this helps. 




  • Joel Watson

    Hi Amie!

    I guess you missed this part of my post:

    Sure, it would be possible to do something similar using tags macros, and automations, but I'd much rather just have a way to do this via the Submit dropdown or a keyboard shortcut.

    I actually proceeded on trying to implement something along those lines after posting this as an interim solution (having it built into Zendesk as a first-class feature would be much better). However, I ran into a variety of difficulties.

    As you showed, there are "hours since ticket status on-hold" automation options. That works great for the first couple variations (1 hour, 3 hours). However, the "tomorrow" option doesn't work so well. I don't want it to wait 24 hours and pop back up or even 8 business hours. I want it to pop back up at the beginning of the next business day (e.g., 9am) regardless of when it was "snoozed" (e.g., you might snooze it at 2pm – it should still "wake up" at 9am the next day). This issue is present with the "next week" variation (we want it to wake up at 9am the following Monday) and the "next month" variation.

    One thing I had considered was using Tasks for this since you can set due dates and automations have an "hours until due" option. The problem here is that there's no way to set the due date for tasks in macros. So, if I have a "Snooze > Tomorrow" macro, I can change the ticket to a Task, set a tag on it (e.g., "snooze-tomorrow") and move its status to "on-hold". However, there's no way to set the due date for the task to 9am the following day.

    Going to keep noodling on this to see if there are other work arounds, but ultimately, all these workarounds to get some functionality like this is a royal pain. It should be built into Zendesk.


  • Joel Watson

    By the way, this is a feature request, not a "please tell me how" because what I'd like to do isn't possible currently without creating a custom ZD app as far as I can tell. Not sure why this was marked as "Answered".

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hey Joel,

    We appreciate you sharing your feedback and feature request!

    Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. Thank you!
  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    +1 to this request! We use automations to accomplish this and they are quite helpful. However, it's become quite cumbersome to manage as we expand our support hours and add new teams or schedules to Zendesk. Would love to see this as a built-in functionality in the future. Thanks for posting this feedback!

  • Bevis Hungate

    Chandra, out of interest, would you be willing to share how you achieve this currently?

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator
    Most Helpful - 2021

    Bevis Hungate Absolutely! We have a custom dropdown ticket field called 'Sleep' which has a few different options (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc). 

    We then have a few different automations that look something like this for each of the possible options:

    You could also keep it simple and just always reopen all Pending tickets after X amount of time or On-Hold tickets after Y amount of time instead of creating a custom ticket field, but we wanted the ability to customize it since some tickets we'd like to take action on more quickly than others.

  • Kyle Copley


    The timing can be variable ticket by ticket, and having to adjust the custom field / trigger / automation each time is too much friction to be useful.

    Ideally this could be implemented in the way that gmail has a snooze function for emails with a calendar selector. It would be an incredible jump in UX if Zendesk were to implement. 

    Thanks for considering!

  • Dwain Bunker

    Please implement this.


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