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    Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Shona,

    Thanks for posting the feedback! We have granular agent permissions in our blacklog but not in the short term roadmap.

    It will be nice to know which functionalities you would like to open to these agents or restrict from their access. To highlight, we do have Talk roles, which you can assign to agent without giving them access to whole Support admin permissions.



  • Shona

    Thanks Rohan. I am looking for something in between Team Lead and Agent

    Things I would like them to do:

    • Be able to listen/barg on calls.
    • See dashboards that show current call volume.

    Things I don't want them to do:

    • Edit Talk settings 


  • Rafa

    I second that request, it cannot be that we need to give Admin Talk permissions to QAs just for them to be able to monitor live calls for quality proposes. The risk of giving several people admin rights is huge. And we have external QAs part of our BPOs, for them the risk is even higher.


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