Make ticket fields mandatory for agents

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  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hi Patrick Richter, you can actually make ticket fields mandatory upon update and not when solving tickets only.

    Please see this article on how to make it mandatory for ticket updates - 

  • Patrick Richter

    Hi Jahn Bronilla thank you for the update and I'm irritated as it was your support telling me that this is not possible and I should raise a post here. Ticket #11347438

    However, I dont see where I can choose an empty value? For example if ticket field "ticket type" value is empty, dont allow ticket update. Can you help on this or should I reach out to support again? 


  • Patrick Richter

    Jahn Bronilla support just reassured me that your solution is not what I'm looking for and there is no solution or workaround for what I'm trying to achieve.


    Thus please treat this as a feature request, thank you! 


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