Page Numbers Removed in Views

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  • Kristina Tibbitts

    I agree, this is very inconvenient. We often have to search through pages looking for a particular ticket and having the individual page numbers made this much easier. 

  • Cody McLeach


    This change is extremely poor.

    Please revert this change as this adds time to searching tickets.

  • Jill Bragg
    Zendesk Luminary

    I agree too. Teams are reaching out to me about having a hard time navigating through tickets. Can we revert this?

  • Sarah Atkinson

    Agreed! Team extremely unhappy with update to replace page numbers.  Please revert.

  • Chelsea Bennett

    This is SEVERELY impacting our overall productivity, this change is totally counter intuitive to any sort of success of any team - we NEED the ability to click through pages. This is something we use moment to moment - please revert back so we can do our jobs!!

  • Mikael H

    +1 On all of this. I have had about ten different people independently contacting me about us needing to do something about this. Unfortunately we're in the hands of Zendesk.

    I suggest that there is an option to chose page numbers or "last"/"previous" etc.

  • Monica Turley

    This has become an issue for us as well. We currently have 4.2k open tickets and, when needing to address a certain section of a view, the page numbers were an easy way to navigate the abundance. It was hard enough when ZD removed the Sort by Subject feature, now this!? It is a constant negative impact on us having to click 'next' on dozens and dozens of pages to get where needed to start. Please bring back the page numbers!! If you want next/last/whatever, fine, just add the feature and please don't remove what was there.

  • Robert Cook

    This is an issue for our company due to the high volume of tickets were follow up on after initial response, and having to search through pages upon pages by clicking next, instead of being able to select a specific page number, is a detriment to our speed. Please bring back the page numbers.

    Also, please, PLEASE, Bring Back Subject Sorting. When use specific email subjects as part of forms for our customers, and they result in those tickets having the same subject line. Without being able to sort by Subject, we have to skip between tickets, which can cause delays and potential mis-clicks during the process.

  • Andrea

    This is also a feature that we use a lot, we'd need to have it back to, at least given the option to have it back.

  • Daria Maksimova

    Agreed with all said above. Clicking through the pages gives me nightmare and not only me. It is really inconvenient, especially when you need to get to a middle of all the pages or to a some specific out of 40-50 or more pages. I really hope that the pages number will be returned soon. 

  • Tijana Zecevic

    Agree completely. My team find this as huge disadvantage. Not to mention the whole support procedure that is terrible and points you to vote on community.
    And this unsatisfaction from my side is not toward the support agent, as they do all they can.


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