Custom ticket status issue

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  • Cathy Lii
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sini, thanks for reaching out and for sharing this feedback!

    Please note that solved is a ticket status, and closed is a ticket state, meaning a closed ticket is no longer editable. 

    As mentioned in this Help Article, "When custom ticket statuses are activated, any tickets that are solved with a status in the Solved status category retain that ticket status even after they are closed. This helps provide context of how or why a ticket was solved." You'll see in the article and in your screenshot that there is also a visual indicator / icon that a ticket is closed. 

    If it's helpful for your agents' workflows, we also recently improved the search filter to include an "include closed tickets" checkbox that they can uncheck if they'd like to remove closed tickets from their search results - see help article here.

    Hope this helps!


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