What do you think about the new and improved Admin Center?


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  • Peter Hochstrasser

    One more gem here: I wanted to remove an agent who left us from the Followers list of various tickets.

    To be able to find the tickets involved,

    • you cannot use search, as the followers: keyword is still missing.
    • you have to go to the admin client, select the suspended team member, switch to the Support client, switch from tickets assigned to tickets followed and then you can select all of these tickets. But alas, you cannot change anything directly, because there is no "remove follower(s)" action in triggers, so you need to set a tag here, and create a trigger that removes the follower in question (just this one, as there are no parameters for triggers) using a webhook.

    What a journey.

  • Mark Leci
    Zendesk Luminary

    I was hoping that segregating the user management into two places would be a temporary thing that Zendesk would have fixed, but it's disappointing that two years after the admin centre was launched, this is still a problem admins have to deal with any time they want to manage users. Our IT team spends quite a bit of time on this as a result of the inflexible user permissions and frustrating UI to manage users in Zendesk.

    In contrast, with Salesforce we can create a simple automation that gives everyone with a particular job title a particular role. I would guess most of our IT team has never had to even look at the user management screen in Salesforce. 



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