Share queries without having to add to a dashboard

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  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    Hi Mark, 

    Just an observation. In our account all queries from 'Queries library' are available/visible to all admins in the account. So everyone has access to all queries. Or would you like to have a functionality that would allow to send an email notification to the users/groups inviting them to view a query? 

  • Mark Powell

    @.... We need to have the ability to be able to share queries beyond just admins. We need to share with users/groups to view individual queries. Otherwise, we'll end up with multiple dashboards with one query on them.

  • Franco Landa

    +1 This would be great to see. For example, if we just have a single query to share, the need to build a new dashboard feels excessive. Then multiply that by the number of different single queries to share, and you have a mess of dashboards.

  • Aline F.

    +2 This would be a nice addition, having to export the querie to only then being able to share with somenone who isn't an admin can get quite messy if you're talking about tons os queries and etc



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