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  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Nikolai,

    This is as intended. Each language name in the dropdown is displayed as it would be for native speakers of the language. In Swedish, the word for Swedish is "svenska", and the names of languages are not capitalized. It's possible to change that, but capitalizing the label would make it look incorrect to native Swedish speakers.

    References here, here, and here.

    If you still want to change it, see How can I edit the labels displayed in the language dropdown menu in my Help Center?

  • Daniel Nordh

    Hi Dave,

    As a Swede, it's super awkward that it's not capitalized. It's not in the middle of a sentence, so there is no reason it shouldn't be capitalized. In the language dropdown where you can add languages to your brands (Account->Appearence->Localisation), "dansk", "norsk" and "suomi" aren't capitalized like some other options there, but in the help center they are. So there's a bit of discrepancy in the system.

    Either way, your link isn't working. Do you have any information on how I can change it?

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Daniel Nordh

    Fair points, and sorry about the broken link – I'll see if I can get that fixed. In the meantime, you can change the name yourself by editing some code in your Help Center theme. You'll need to be on the Guide Professional or Enterprise plan, and if you haven't edited your theme's code before, see Customizing your help center theme for the basics of how to do that.

    In order to modify a name in the language dropdown selector, you'll want to edit the footer.hbs file in your theme if your language selection dropdown is in the footer on each page of your help center (ours is in our page header, so for us it would be in header.hbs).

    Look for <div class="footer-language-selector"> in the code – you'll make two changes to the code there:

    First, delete the line that says {{}}, and replace it with the following:

    {{#is 'svenska'}}

    Then a few lines below that, delete the line that says {{name}}, and replace that with the following:

    {{#is name 'svenska'}}

    The first replacement changes the current selection that appears when the page loads, and the second replaces the item in the language selection dropdown. Once you've made the changes, click the Publish button in the theme code editor, and reload your help center – you should see the changes.







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