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    Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone,
    I want to thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding the default state for filters. We understand how important it is to choose the default value for a time filter.

    We have taken note of the most common needs expressed in the comments.

    First, we recognize that many users want to adapt reports to different audiences to reduce the amount of duplicate reports. We are pleased to inform you that this is now covered by dashboard restrictions available in the new dashboard builder, which allows you to dynamically adapt data to the viewer.

    Secondly, we understand that some of you use time filters to speed up the load of the dashboard. This has been captured as part of rebuilding bookmarks or a similar feature supporting the same use cases.
    In the new dashboard builder, the default value of the time filter is already set to last 30 days. We understand that some users may want to change this value, and we are working on making this configurable in the future.

    We appreciate your feedback and will continue to work on improving the platform to better meet your needs. Please stay tuned for further updates.


  • Hillary Latham

    Yes!  This is needed.  The default value for date ranges seems to be "all history" which isn't a very useful default date range.  I have 4 queries in my dashboard tab and they all have the same date range, and I have two attributes to apply the date range to, but the filter default is "all history".

  • Christopher Stock
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Another vote for this functionality!

  • Filiph Petzäll

    Yes please, we need this! "all history" takes quite some time to load and is (almost) never the time-frame that one would want to look at. 


  • Hillary Latham

    To add to why this is a need, any dashboards I have mailed out also do not have any parameters.  It means I have to edit all my queries in all my dashboards to have the defaults I want to have emailed out.  

  • Chris Hall

    Another +1 for this. Our organization finds the default "all history" useless for our regular metrics assessment.

  • Joel Mayer

    Yes please, we need this!

    How many times is someone loading a dashboard to look at "All history"?  That's for archives, not a Dashboard.

  • Tod Kehrli

    I thought I figured this out, but when I exited and reopened my dashboard the defaults were gone. Please add this feature.

  • Srini Kallam

    Another +1 for this.  we need defaulting option for dashboard filters

  • Lance Mitchell

    Agreed, this functionality needs added. Realistically, if you set the filters in the query then the dashboard should only allow what's been filtered out to display as well.

  • Matko Caja

    So, anything new on this topic?

    I find it kinda frustrating not to be able to set a default data range... + what's the use of the scheduled delivery when I got all history at the beginning of the month than last month data range...


  • Amanda Black

    I agree. I just finished making a new dashboard and I set the dates as I did in insights and was not pleased to realize it doesn't save the set date ranges. 


    Any updates?

  • Anthony Garcia Jr.

    I'm not sure if this is what everyone's looking for but this may help:

    Apply a filter then create a bookmark to save them. You can just set one "bookmark" for your dashboard's default filters and hide the widget afterwards. 

  • Jürgen König

    I'm not sure, if this helps anyhow. But I see this as an essential feature and not just a "nice-to-have" thing. In a heterogeneous zendesk environment (e.g. worldwide with each subsidiary having several support departments), you have a sea of forms, groups, etc. and the selection lists are endless and hardly possible to handle in a comfortable way. In summary: + 1 from my side.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi @..., all, apologies for the belated reply on this thread.

    As mentioned by @..., "bookmarks" allow you to set default values for each filters. Can you please confirm they are addressing your needs in that area? If not, would you be able to share the use cases where they currently fall short?

    Many thanks

  • Monica

    +1 to be able to set and save filters as a default on a dashboard rather than creating bookmarks or new queries.  

  • Carlos Santos

    +1 For the default on time filters

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,
    thanks for sharing your feedback about setting the default state for filters.

    We've created a recipe to help you set a default state via bookmarks.
    This allows the filters to be set to predefined values when the dashboard is initially loaded.

    I hope it helps.


  • Sonia Sa

    Thanks, David for providing the solution. I was facing the same issue and now it is fixed.

  • Anastasia Kachanova

    +1 For the default on time filters

  • Denise von femSense

    +1 for this

    I am again stunned that Zendesk has not implemented the simplest of functions 

  • Atanas Tomov

    +1 on this

  • ApkG Store

    +1 to this post. Thank you so much for the best platform. I got a lot of help from this platform for free.

  • Boyan Spasov




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