Seasonal/Rolling Schedules for Guide Articles

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  • Puntip Asinadham


    I completely agree with you! Our company rolls out around 5 campaigns a week. These campaigns have specific end date, so if we could schedule them to change to "Awaiting Review" after the end date, it would significantly help team to do periodically check instead of having to go through a list of articles in bulk.


  • Krista Zaloudek

    +1 our use case is the sharing of release notes with our teammates. Being able to schedule multiple publishing and unpublishing actions (such as promotion) on an already published article would be so helpful.

    We'd also like the ability to designate where we'd like to promote each article from the UI/UX--whether that is on the front page or within a specific section. 

    If there is a way that this could be done without any coding, we'd be grateful!



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